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Funny: Once Upon a Forest
  • The bird funeral when you realize that they're holding the funeral for the young lark when he's standing right behind them. I couldn't help but think that crossed the line twice.
  • Willy and Waggs commenting on the Flapper-Wingamathing.
    Willy: (about the Flapper-Wingamathing) You don't really mean fly...
    Waggs: You heard 'em, they'll flap their little paws and fly like birdies!
  • The end of the scene where the furlings break Cornelius's wingamathing model. A book drops on it. The title of the book? Gravity.
    • "Grrrreat Honk!" (or is it Hulk? Hawk? Hog? Someone help me out here).
      • The captions say "honk", not that it makes any more sense.
  • Willy saying that he hopes Abigail wasn't hurt when she threw him out of the tree (actually accidentally dragged him down and then landed on him to boot). A different delivery would have made the line sarcastic or passive-aggressive, but Willy sounds so sincere in his concern that it's worth a chuckle.
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