Funny / Odin Sphere

  • The shopkeepers' comments are usually good for a laugh. They'll generally say something like "Please, don't kill me, I'm a nice goblin. I'll sell you something," or "I'm neutral in this war. I'm just a businessman."
    • One on the Winterhorn Ridge in Velvet's story gives us this immortal line:
    Shopkeep: A half-naked maiden, on this mountain? I hope I didn't pass out and am hallucinating....
  • Also, related to the shopkeepers, towards the end of Velvet's story, you encounter a somewhat obnoxious shopkeeper who has wandered into the Pooka Village. If you talk to the Pooka merchant in the next area, he apologizes for bringing the merchant along, saying he insisted on being allowed to come in.
  • Although their characters are genuinely serious and many of their lines are spoken with honesty and emotion, Cornelius and Oswald can be downright cheesy at times, especially with their lovers. It might have to do with them being cousins.
  • For how tragic their romance ultimately ends up being, many of the interactions between Mercedes and the talking frog (Ingway) end up being downright hilarious, especially when you take into consideration that Ingway is one of the darkest and most morally ambiguous characters in the story.
    • Kicking off Mercedes' third chapter has the frog being a bit insistent that she kiss him to lift the curse.
    Frog: Hey, all I need is a quick peck. Just... close your eyes. *puckers up*
    • He ends up acting downright indignant after Mercedes saves him from freezing to death atop Horn Mountain
    Frog: But that's different! I never asked you to save me! You saved me on your own. You promised me a kiss!
    Mercedes: What?! I shouldn't have saved you...
    • As a frog, Ingway's personality is a total flip-flop from his usual self. Earlier in the game's timeline, he snaps at Velvet for dating the Prince of Titania and attempts to kill Cornelius after he returned from the Netherworld and to his home country. When he first meets Mercedes, he casually asks what's going on when she's clearly freaking out over dropping her crossbow in the swamp.
    • His line after Belial shows up:
    Frog: L-little help?
    Belial: (ROARS)
    • Mercedes's reaction after she finally delivers the promised kiss is priceless in and of itself. She finds herself gaping at the now-human and suddenly very attractive Ingway with a hand over her mouth and a very visible blush colouring her cheeks.
    • The manga adaption of Mercedes's story takes the hilarity of their interactions Up to 11. Not only do they make it painfully obvious that Ingway is outright smitten with Mercedes, but his habit of teasing her results in many hilarious outbursts from her. It hardly helps that they make him very expressive as a frog.
  • Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir introduces us to the traveling Pooka Chef, Maury, who has something unique to say to each of the playable characters when he first encounters them. His line when he meets Oswald is particularly noteworthy for its hilarity.
    Maury: (Nervously) H-hello there black-clad governor!