Quotes / Odin Sphere

There exists an ancient prophecy...

"The beast of despair feeds on man and destroys hope.
The unleashed frenzy of death yearns for the light of life.

The advancing inferno scorches the throne's surroundings.
In the Cauldron that breathes despair, the blood of the ancients boils.

When Leventhan, last of the dragons, devours the stone of blood,
the path shall be closed and void will cover the world."

And so begins the tale of five warriors...

"What will you think when you see me as you awaken? Will you hate me...? Will you run away, forever? Such musings are pointless. I can't go back to the man I used be. No matter how you react... and even if it only brings me pain...I want to see...I want to see my reflection in your eyes... I want to hear... I want to hear those soft lips speak my name... And if, for a moment, a smile lights your face...I will be able to live. No one controls me now. From now on, I act on my own... For you..."
Oswald to a sleeping Gwendolyn, ready to awaken her from her enchanted slumber at the conclusion of his story, Black Sword