Fridge / Odin Sphere

  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • Leventhan is the last dragon born in Erion. In that sense, he's really the last one.
    • Onyx and his subjects need fire to survive, and Ringford is full of wood to burn. Still, his smug ignoring and disbelief of the prophecies was pretty damn stupid of him.
    • The title could possibly be referring to Odin's sphere of influence, as most of the characters and subplots can be traced back to him.
      • Alternatively, it could be seen as a pun. "Sphere" sounds very similar to "spear" and Gwendolyn's weapon of choice is a Shout-Out to Gungnir, the spear belonging to Odin.
    • A case of You Are Worth Hell: In the False End if you pit Mercedes against the Darkova, the fairy doesn't use her last breath to say her true name, but to instead confess her feelings for Ingway. Fairies can only go to the heavens by uttering their true name at death, meaning that Mercedes likely went to the Netherworld after she died. Seeing as the perfect True Ending reveals that Ingway ended up in the Netherworld after he died, she literally threw away her chance at going to paradise just to be with Ingway.
    • The wording of Princess Ariel's prophecy concerning the fate of her children. "Eventually, an inevitable curse and death shall be thrown upon the two of you." Both twins believe that they're destined to die; however, only Ingway actually lives out this fate. Velvet, instead, survives the Armageddon, only to be cursed into a Pooka.
    • In Cornelius's epilogue chapter, Urzur has a single throwaway line that foreshadows Ingway's role in Mercedes's story.
    Urzur: You stupid frog!
    • The subtitle of the remake,Leifthrasir, refers to the man who survives Ragnarok to repopulate the world with Leif, the surviving woman. Leifthrasir, however, also means "lover of life" and can be seen to play into the themes of romantic and familial love in the game.

  • Fridge Horror:
    • Gwendolyn still thinks she's being magically forced to marry/stay with/be in love with Oswald. Once Oswald is satisfied that she isn't, his conscience is clean, but he's too afraid that Gwendolyn will leave him if she finds out she can. He lets her go on thinking she's a prisoner just so she'll never think of trying to escape.
      • Actually nobody, not even Gwendolyn herself, tells Oswald that she'd be aware she's under said spell. For all he knows, she has no reason to think she's under a spell that isn't actually on her in the first place.
      • No, but Onyx tells him that Odin is the one who says she's not under a love spell, which directly contradicts what Odin told Oswald. Odin's a notorious liar, but Oswald never considers that, he just lets it convince him he's not doing anything wrong by waking her up. And he never thinks of telling her even when she find herself completely devoted to him, even though he has no reason not to think she could be under a spell and Odin was just lying to Onyx.
      • Actually, strike that: having just played Gwendolyn's chapter, he doesn't care. Oswald imr again, Oswald mopes to himself about how much it must suck for Gwendolyn to be a prisoner to someone she doesn't care for right before the Halja comes for him. Later on, she explicitly tells him that she's under a spell... and then immediately launches into a speech about how much he loves her, but never tells her she's not magically compelled to feel that way.
      • Gwendolyn only mentions the spell in the final cutscene in her epilogue chapter. When Oswald talks about her being chained to him, he's talking about the fact that she was married off to man as a form of payment and she didn't get a choice. I at least believe that this is the first that Oswald hears that she thinks she's under the spell, and got so caught up in the moment that he didn't correct her right away.
      • That's still shady as hell, though. She tells him right there that she's under a spell, yeah, but he knew the truth long before that point and had plenty of opportunity to bring it up. If anything, hearing Gwendolyn saying that she was under a love spell for the first time would make that scene even worse, because he immediately changes the subject to how he's in love with her. Instead of telling her the truth, he just lets her believe she's being compelled and then gives her reasons to think that being compelled to love him is okay because he reciprocates.
      • At this point Oswald is still desperate to be loved himself. He's not perfect. Not really excusing his behavior, but he's just been through a lot of emotional abuse at this point. He's taking what he can get. All he's hearing is that Gwendolyn really does love him. He knows that she's not being controlled by a spell even if she doesn't. While she admits that she doesn't mind if her feelings are being manufactured by a spell (ew) she's glad that she loves him. Also she just stormed two kingdoms and the Underworld for him. Her actions are backing up that she loves him. Yes, he should come clean, but at that point he just wanted her to know that he really did love her too. This troper likes to think he had that conversation with her during the fade to black. This game has so few happy moments in it, let's just appreciate the few that happen.
    • The end of Cornelius's battle if you pit him against King Gallon in the False End. Remember that even when a Pooka is killed, their body lingers on after death. While the pain of being picked apart by maggots likely didn't last that long for Edmund, Cornelius will have to endure the rest of eternity being eaten alive in his grandfather's stomach.