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Funny: NES Godzilla Creepypasta
  • The alternate ending. Among other things, Red's true form turns out to be John Madden. Yes, really.
  • Regarding a 2000 monster appearing in a 1988 game:
    Those guys at Toho may be smart, but I'm sure they couldn't see that far into the future. If they could, they never would have gave Roland Emmerich the rights to make a Godzilla movie.
  • From the sequel: "The first man on the moon was Ezekiel Zanderfruit!"
  • Zach's response to the Green Temple:
    Wow. Maybe this is why the game was so weird - one of the designers was clearly drugged out of his mind!
  • Zach's comment on Face's question, "Does it taste good when you bite a woman?"
    (I don’t know who came up with this question, but I really hope they’re getting mental help)
  • In the sequel, the protagonist's response to Grey showing up again? "Let's see how he likes being blasted."
  • In the same sequel, one of the bosses tries to ram Godzilla into the spiky walls, he does it to the boss instead.
  • Red wants a high-five.

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