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Funny: Mr. Show
  • Anytime Bob yells. It's glorious.
  • "I'm Fran and I'm a woman!"
  • "Choo-Choo" the Hurky Jerky Dancer
  • "Fuck yeah, man, you should see all this"
  • When Bob Odenkirk plays "a lady from the city" hired to write an anthem for a one-man country. Just him singing those lyrics.
  • "Mundees Mustmayostardayonnaise."
  • "I totally believe in dragons now!"
  • The ending to "Oh, You Men" is one of the greatest Brick Jokes ever.
  • Lots of the commentary tracks are this. Especially when you realize half of everything they say is bullshit.note  Also, several of the commentary tracks feature one of the actors in character (sometimes as a character from the show, sometimes exclusive to the track).
  • "Horny Slut Hotline, this is Peppermint Speaking!"
    (His boss, on the line): Hello? Petersen? Is that you?!
  • David yelling "This is Bullshit" and Flipping the Bird at the camera. Cross doesn't actually think it's funny, but "mildly amusing."
  • The Drugachussettes skit, parodying Sid & Marty Krofft Productions.
    Sam: Hello. I'm Sam Craffft, and this here's my brother, Criminey.
    Criminey: You remember us!
    Sam: Our menagerie of puppety oddballs were all over your sets when you were a kid.
    Criminey: Yeah man, people are always askin' us, "Hey man, where'd you get all those crazy ideas from?" Well, this was the late 60s—
    Sam: It was the early 70s.
    Criminey: Yeah man, and y'know, we didn't have short attention spans like you kids today, man. I mean back then, we could just sit... and stare at a candle for like... three hours, man... and our minds would be totally blown! Eatin' an orange? That was like takin' a trip to a citrus mountain.
    Sam: Riiiiiight.
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