Ho Yay / Mr. Show

  • Bob and David play two guys at a bar who get into a fight . . . which leads to them getting married. They spend most of their life fighting like when they met.
  • In "Operation: Hell on Earth," they have a daughter. It's specifically stated to be their daughter.
  • In the Wycked Sceptre sketch, they have sex.
  • In the "Wee Time Toddler Wear" sketch, it turns out a character played by David put out a personal ad. Nostradamus (Bob) answers it. They hook up. After their death "Nostradamus and his Constant Chum High School" is established.
  • In "Our Secret Love" Bob plays a man who was cheating on his wife with a man named Lee (David). (Well, his wife was cheating on him with Lee too.) Lee also was seeing the daughter's boyfriend (as well as the daughter) and both grandparents. Yeah . . .
  • When David's late for the "third motherfucking time", Bob first acts angry then . . .
    "Oh, what if he's hurt? . . . "
  • The less successful siamese twin really wanted to be reattached to his brother. Maybe . . .
  • The end of the third episode, during a film festival.
    "Why won't you show my movie?"
    "You didn't follow the rules"
    "But I don't want to have sex with you"
    • There's a lot of that in that episode in general. David wearing a dress, is disappointed that Bob had Sarah play him in a sketch . . . because he would have had to kiss David. David talks about how men can be in relationships, then introduces him to a gay porno film (which we don't see). The sketch following the one instead is revealed to have written by a gay man about his friend Geri, who's the Third Wheel between him and his husband.
  • Terry Twillstein and Ronnie Dobbs. Seriously. In their first appearance, Terry sells movie rights in which movie!Ronnie dies in Terry's arm which leads to movie!Terry angsting. If that wasn't enough, Terry says in Fuzz: The Musical that "I knew Ronnie loved me . . ." which they fought over. Terry even has an Almost Kiss with Ronnie in The Movie.
  • In the season 4 outtakes, while doing the marriage sketch, Bob and David prefer to find and get their faces really close . . . before corpsing.
  • After the movie executives talk getting revenge on the American public for not seeing their movie, Jay asks "How?" John kisses Jay and then answers "We'll sue the pants off them!"
    "And then we'll sell 'em pants!"
  • During the Suspiciously Similar Theme Song for Fuzz, two cops are seen holding hands in the montage.
  • Instead of calling a hotline, David makes Bob pretend to be a call girl (after winning a bet). David gets something out of it and two of his male co-workers prefer listening to his fake call girl voice because he says all the right things.
  • Rodrigo.