Funny / Mom and Dad Save the World

  • The light grenade. Pick Me Up.
  • The rebel leader showing Dad around their camp, after displaying captured lasers. "Ah, but this is one of our weapons!"
    "It's a rock."
  • Tod Spengo: Hey you. What do you think - mutton chops or goatee? Be honest.
    Twin Destroyer #1: Mutton chops, my lord?
    Tod Spengo: (considers for a moment) No. No, I like the goatee better. Shoot yourself in the head. (a beat) NOW.
    (Twin Destroyer #1 complies with a blaster to his own head.)
    Tod Spengo: Well? How about you?
    Twin Destroyer #2: (a beat, then brightly) Mutton chops!
    (Tod Spengo glares at him. Twin Destroyer #2 sighs, then shoots himself.)
    Tod Spengo: Planet of idiots. (Tod continues to check himself in the mirror.) You know what? They got a point.
    (Dog Guard Face Palm)
  • Tod Spengo sees the statue of himself (which is a Trojan Horse populated by Dick and rebels) and immediately thinks something's wrong — but for the wrong reason: it makes his face look fat, so he actually brings it into the wedding ceremony just to show everyone how much it doesn't look like him! Even better, when Tod returns to the wedding ceremony, everyone is sitting on the floor and chatting with each other, causing Tod to make an annoyed "Hello?" to get them to return to their wedding positions.
  • The brain-scan scene. "What's going on? What's happening to me? That idiot Todd is laughing at me. I would like to punch him in the mouth. But then he would punch me in the mouth."
    • Later, the screen depicts Dick place-kicking Tod's head through football goal posts.