Funny / Miller's Crossing

  • This unapologetic exchange:
    Leo: You know O'Doul and the Mayor, right?
    Tom: I ought to, I voted for him six times last November.
    Mayor: And that's not even the record.
  • Tom gets captured by Caspar's crew and is going to get worked over by Frankie, the big lug. Tom grabs his chair and whacks his would-be torturer in the nose with it. Frankie whines "Jesus, Tom!" (i.e. "I was just gonna slap you around a bit!") and walks out of the room. Tom just stands there confused until the smaller, meaner Tic-Tac storms in, knocks the chair from his hands, and delivers a beatdown.
  • The way Caspar spoils, beats, then spoils his own son. During the same conversation.
  • The ironic or even meaningful echo - we're still not sure which - of the same conversations Tom has with the police chief: first when the chief was on Leo's payroll rustling out Caspar's gang, second when the chief was on Caspar's payroll rustling out Leo's gang.
  • What starts the war between Leo and Caspar's gangs outright: a poor mook on Leo's payroll tasked to keep an eye on Verna is found dead in an alleyway. A small boy and his dog find the body... and inexplicably runs off with the mook's too-obvious toupee. Later on:
    Leo: You hear about Rug?
    Tom: Yeah, RIP.
    Leo: They took his hair, Tommy. Jesus, that's strange, why would they do that?
    Tom: Maybe it was Injuns.