Funny / Mario and Sonic: Heroes Unite!

  • Whenever Dr. Eggman and Bowser laugh evilly together, Bowser Jr. walks in on them, making those two embarrassed.
  • When Luigi is about to head to the bathroom, the dining room door swing open, knocking him out.
  • During the final battle in Chapter 42, while Mario tries to rescue Princess Peach, Bowser came in and Mario throw his steel hammer to his head to help Luigi. Bowser then throws the steel hammer at the chain of the cage's roof, causing it to crash to the down. He was trying to hit Mario with it.
    Bowser: Oops...
    • When Bowser was about to to burn Mario, he got hit by the steel hammer again by Princess Peach.
    Bowser: I can't believe it. The princess of Mushroom Kingdom dares to commit such a violent act.
    Bowser: That is the last time I'm going to get hit by a hammer in this castle.
  • During the Carnival Park chapter, Heist, Knuckles and Donkey Kong play Blackjack, and Donkey Kong won the game with a 21. Knuckles' response?
    Knuckles: Gah! You've got to be kidding me! (Knuckles shouted in anger and slammed his fist against the table. The power from it caused the table to crack in two and fall down, causing all the chips and cards to scatter across the floor.)
    Dealer:(Annoyed) You know you must pay for that, right?"
    Knuckles:(Chuckles nervously and slapping himself in the face.)