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Funny: Maga Tsuki
  • Chapter 22. Thanks to Akari constantly thinking about him, poor Yasuke's soul leaps out of the holder about a dozen times. By the next school day, he looks like a ghost.
  • Yasuke's butler hypnosis in chapter 28 wearing off at the most hilarious of time. Namely, when he's washing Orihime's front.
  • Yasuke trying his damnedest to read a legendary Eroge in chapter 29. And his desperate attempts to hide it.
  • The foursome trying to help Izuna pass her make-up test in chapter 32. And the kicker? They miscalculated the average score. Yasuke was the one who failed.
  • Hinata showing off her swimsuit body in chapter 33. Cue her fakies falling out.
  • "What a discovery this is!"
    • The winner of the swimsuit contest: Miyano, who just happened to be walking by.
  • The light of Yasuke!
  • "Just kiss me already!"
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