Awesome / Maga Tsuki

  • Izuna gives us one on chapter 27. Akari's feelings for Yasuke were found out by the girls and Orihime starts wondering if Yasuke dislikes her. Yasuke's soul once again comes out of him because of how strong Akari's feelings for him are, but she is hesitant to take it because she believes that Yasuke loves Orihime. Izuna then intercepts the soul and takes it to herself, but not before she gives this speech to both girls, rendering them speechless:
    Izuna:''You as wives!(Looks at Orihime) Izuna believes in Husband! (Turns to Akari) And tells him she loves him properly! It's fine if Izuna alone is his wife!
  • The Divine Retribution Orihime and Hinata unleash on Yasuke for his "rehearsal plan", was very deserved. Until it endangered the town.
  • Michiru telling it like it is.