Funny / Love and War

Though they takes a darker turn as the ending nears, both episodes of Love and War have some genuine laugh-out-loud - or quiet-chuckle - moments:

  • Armin's unsuccessful attempts to pick up girls in Davenport, which are mercilessly shot down. By the end, though, he follows Ryan's advice, and is able to get a date with Rachel, the girl he seems to truly care for.
  • Lavie's reaction to hearing Armin make fun of her cooking. For a moment, the Three Compadres are petrified with terror, and the player is rolling with laughter.
  • A recurring joke involves a young boy, Travis, who keeps trying to convince two little girls to play "War" with him, even going so far as to play "Ring Around The Rosie" with them in exchange. He finally succeeds in the closing moments of Act I.
  • The Mau, a mischievous creature that steals a love poem belonging to her grandparents from Lavie, but returns it to her if she'll play a little game with it.
  • C'est Lavie, a short film made by the author as a spin-off, featuring an encounter between Lavie and Ryan in Davenport Park. Full of clever one-liners and allusions to various other games and pop-culture phenomena, this one will have you rolling for a long time.
  • Lavie's panicky reaction to Ryan getting hurt in a boss fight. "You just stay right there. I'll BRING A HOSPITAL!"
  • In the same boss fight, Ryan can also choose to snap Lavie out of her panic at the end. He does this by making her repeat positive statements, like a coach or therapist - "I'm going to turn the crocodile into shoes", "I'm going to walk out here with a smile on my face" - which she obediently does, and then he slips this in:
    Ryan: (in a commanding tone) "And then I'm going to lose ten pounds!"
    Lavie: (in "auto-repeat" mode) "And then I'm going to lose ten pounds!" (beat) "Ryan! Not funny at all!!"