YMMV / Love and War

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The game has a particularly amusing one during Lavie's quest. When she delivers her parcel to Joshua Evens, Headmaster of the Archery Academy, it turns out to be a hair tonic (he is bald). Cue special effects and Evens suddenly growing a head of hair - then declaring himself to be the "HAIRmaster" and singing a corny R&B-style song about how much he loves hair. This is never really alluded to after that - in fact, Evens changes his title to "GAMEmaster" a few moments later.
  • Chaotic Evil: Blackheart's Cutthroats are good examples of the Type 2 variety. Their only motivations are profit and the pleasure of doing evil deeds.
  • Moe: Lavie. Pictorial proof here, inter alia.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Deliberately invoked with Sheri, a minor character whose behaviour towards her kitten takes this to hilarious levels.
  • That One Boss: Actually, Those Three Bosses. The first is the Gorn Jabola, a mysterious wolf-like creature that can be very hard to beat, even if you're fully levelled up. The next is the giant worm faced in the Lorean Mines. And finally, there's the Crowled Eagle in Ozunhold, which you have to fight about five times. (The Crowled is optional, though.)
  • That One Sidequest: Ozunhold, a ruined fortress that the Three Compadres investigate at the request of Minister Cornelius Fairfax. Though long and difficult enough - including two challenging bosses - it does help you collect an important item. The remake also introduces the dog-tag sidequest, which takes time to complete, but is very rewarding.