Funny / Little Mosque on the Prairie

  • Baber having an issue with his daughter's clothes:
    Baber: "You look like a Protestant!"
    Layla: "Don't you mean prostitute?"
    Baber: "No! I mean Protestant!"
  • During a heated argument, Baber tries to get Rayyan to move and ends up almost shoving her (note that they both regard touching non-family-members of the opposite sex as being a major taboo):
    Rayyan: "You can't touch me!"
    Baber: [backs off, looking shocked] "A thousand apologies, sister Rayyan! [Beat] Gimme that piece of wood so I can push her off!"
  • From 6x01:
    Yusef: "You have colorful pillows!"
  • "Dating Game" - the whole episode.
  • To Amaar, after Rayyan checked Baber's temperature.
    Baber: "Your wife just tried to get to second base with me."
  • Discussing Halloween:
    Fatima: It's only Halloween. It's not like they're out drinking and dirty dancing!
    Fatima's son: We're not?
    Fatima: Watch your smart mouth or you go nowhere!
    Baber: What if he leaves Islam to become a witch?
    Fatima's son: You can do that?
  • About a woman wearing a niqab:
    Amaar: She's a Muslim who's come here to pray. Outside chance, she's a ninja.