Heartwarming / Little Mosque on the Prairie

  • The Eid episode, where Baber spends most of the episode objecting to his daughter Layla reading at her school pageant, but ends up being moved to tears by her beautiful performance.
  • Magee had several, combined with Crowning Moment of Awesome. His determination to marry a homosexual couple, his welcome of Amaar and the mosque, and his convincing Fred and Fatima, who have a platonic but strong Slap-Slap-Kiss relationship, to make up. Magee was pretty much a Badass Preacher.
  • Amaar and Rayyan's wedding; all of it, especially "I do, I do, I do" and seeing Magee, Yasir and Layla come back for the occasion. The group actually present at the wedding vows are Baber (performing the ceremony, since Amaar can't marry himself), both sets of parents, Reverend Magee... and Thorne. After a season of being Amaar's sitcom arch-nemesis, it's oddly touching that he's one of the few non-family members invited to the ceremony.
  • Thorne finds out that Baber has never watched a horror movie, so they watch a few together. After he realizes the movies scared him, he is genuinely concerned and watches Ghostbusters with him. Then goes to fight Jinn (basically, evil spirits) with him. Earlier in the episode Thorne said he would never step foot into a haunted building.
  • The series finale in general.