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Funny: Life of Pi
The Book
  • The scene where Pi's father explains how every single animal in the zoo can kill them. Probably doubles as terrifying for those with animal phobias.
    • The scene is capped off with Mr. Patel telling his son that guinea pigs are not dangerous...only for Pi to point how that they are dangerous when not domesticated.
  • Pi orders pizza giving the name of "I am who I am". The pizzas arrive for "Ian Houllihan"
  • Pi's and the Japanese insurance agents' discussion getting derailed into an argument over whether bananas float. Finally Pi hands them a banana, points to a sink and tell them to try it out for themselves. They are amazed when the banana floats.
    • Then Pi inevitably asks them for his bananas back.
  • The Japanese agents' responses to Pi in their Foreign-Looking Font (assumed to be Japanese):
    Mr. Okamoto: We have no proof they were meerkat bones.
    Mr. Chiba: Maybe they were banana bones! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Mr. Okamoto: Atsuro, Shut up!
    Mr. Chiba: I'm very sorry, Okamoto-san. It's the fatigue.
    Mr. Okamoto: You're bringing our service into disrepute!
    Mr. Chiba: Very sorry, Okamoto-san.
  • Most of Pi's interior monologues. Particularly the one where he talks about what he thinks is a ridiculous part of Christianity by comparing it to a situation where his father feeds him to the lions because the lions are on an eating spree.
    Pi: Yes Father. That seems the right and logical thing to do.
    Father: Hallelujah my son!
    Pi: Hallelujah father!

The Film
  • Pi tries to show Richard Parker who's boss by marking his territory. Richard Parker responds by spraying him back.
    Pi: Step 4: disregard steps 1-3.
  • Pi's response after his father says they'll be sailing like Columbus.
    Pi: But Columbus was looking for India!
  • Pi crosses himself and says "Amen" after praying before dinner and the following conversation ensues:
    The Writer: I didn't think Hindus said "Amen."
    Pi: Hindu Catholics do.
    The Writer: You're a Hindu Catholic?
    Pi: We get to feel guilty before hundreds of gods.
  • Pi's brother mocking his multiple religions: "So, Swami Jesus, will you be making the hajj this year?"
  • Pi's "Oh you." look when seeing Richard Parker eating some meerkats.
  • The Great Lunch Exchange during the interview
    Pi: Would you like a cookie for the road?
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