Funny / Kraftwerk

  • "Ananas Symphonie". Just the title, really.
  • "Pocket Calculator" from Computer World, a sincere attempt at AC/DC level goofiness from the band that made sternness their trademark.
  • The Mix versions of "Autobahn" and "Dentaku" contain some Narmy vocals in some places.
  • The group has been known to ham it up during soundchecks. Highlights includes Florian singing a song in the style of Opera, and Ralf replacing some of the lyrics of "The Model" with slightly more naughty versions.
    "Now, she's a big success, I want to fuck her again."
  • This snarktastic interview for Brazilian television with Florian Schneider.
    Interviewer: What are the songs that you are going to play?
    * Beat *
    Florian: All.
  • The "Showroom Dummies" video. The dancing at the end especially.
  • Iggy Pop's story of asparagus shopping with Florian Schneider.
  • The out of place guttural KORREKT! in the German version of "The Model".