Funny / Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

  • When you track down "Lord Cras" (from New Culn) after his assassin fails to kill you.
    Cras: I knew that lying bastard couldn't be trusted! Never send a liar to murder someone. That's what murderers are for.
  • Commander Owaiglyn's description of the jungles of Klurikon:
    It's hot, wet and always smells like something died - because something always did.
  • Agarth's utterly indignant reaction to being called drunk when he reads your Fate
    Agarth: I am! But...
    • Followed by his utterly deadpan reaction to finding a Niskaru in the Theater, as the final in a line of surprises and shocks during his visit.
  • During the House of Valor storyline, the Champion sends someone to lure you out somewhere secluded and kill you. With an easy persuasion check, you can remind him that he has personally seen you kill dozens of people in the arena, always with the odds stacked against you, and a few times by yourself. He promptly runs away.
  • Gnome Golf, a sport that is practiced by using a Reckoning kill on a gnome, evokes this trope.
  • A really, really darkly funny moment in the Dead Kel DLC, when helping a Butt-Monkey gnome Pepin reach the goal of his quest. He races ahead of you, yelling about being vindicated and proving he's not a failure, when a spear trap goes off and jabs him in the head, killing him instantly and sending his corpse spiraling comically off a cliff. Even worse (and funnier) if you spot the trap first and just know what's coming.
  • From the Dead Kel DLC, everything Captain Brattigan says before embarking is hilarious. Most of the things she says after you arrive are also pretty funny. It's also strongly implied, if not outright stated, that several of the other shipwrecks on Gallows End are her fault. The worst sailor in Rathir, indeed.