[[folder:Season 1]]
!!The Natural: Part 1

* The OneSceneWonder of Allie and the [[AlphaBitch mean girls]].
-->'''Portia:''' Allison, you're not going to the "leper table" again?
-->'''Allie:''' You're welcome, too!
-->'''Portia:''' O-hi-yeah-no. ''*walks off, flipping her hair*''
* After the ordeal with the Terrasaur, the gang is at Allie's house where she is starts freaking out.
-->'''Allie:''' Hello! You drew that giant horned thing before we even saw it!
-->'''Ray:''' What? You mean Rumbling Terra-sumph-
-->'''Allie:''' (covering Ray's mouth) Gi-gi-gi, that's it! You said the name, and it appeared. How did that happen, how did you know its name?
-->'''Ray:''' (muffled) I just made it up?
-->'''Allie:''' [[SarcasmMode Ok... so, you were gone the last two years at wizard school, and now you bring drawings to life from your sketch book?]]

-->'''Allie:''' I say we make a pact. We can't forget about it, but we can talk about it again ''ne-ver'', especially the monsters ''name''.
* Since Allie thinks saying the Rumbling Terrasaur's name is enough to call it out, she takes stopping its name from being said into her own hands by covering the would be say-er's mouths, including the mysterious, older Hector Chavez's. He takes it in stride, but the awkward rudeness isn't lost on ''anybody''.
* The kids' collective 'freak-out' reaction during their brief trip in the Kaiju Realm.
-->'''Gabe:''' I've figured it out. It's not real, Ray. I'm just dreaming.
-->'''Allie:''' What! No! Gabe, you're not!
-->'''Gabe:''' Just what a dream Allie would say.

-->'''Chavez:''' This is the part of the dream where you ''RUUUUUUUN!''
* When the group plus Chavez returns through a portal above a street, Gabe flails for a second before he falls to the street.
* Ray, Allie, and Gabe are not amused after their Kaiju Realm ''sabbatical''.
-->'''Chavez:''' Everyone ok?
-->'''Gabe:''' So ''not'' a dream...
-->'''Chavez:''' Heh-heh...ha... Oh come on, all of your arms and legs are still on!
-->''Cue the collective DeathGlare''

!!The Natural: Part 2

* Gabe tries to control Kenina, she lays an egg. What does it do? Explode!
* Tatsurion the Unchained:
-->'''Tatsurion:''' BOB is ''not'' my name!
* Gabe also trying to summon Blinder Beetle, especially the scene where yells out its name in drawn out fashion, but nothing happens.
* Allie succeeds in summoning a creature, only for her to say how ugly it is and for her to get sprayed in the face.
-->'''Allie:''' Go Allie! Go All--wow you are ''ugly''.

-->'''Allie:''' Bad monster! Bad!

!!The Natural: Part 3

* Every time the kids touch a creature, much to Chavez's dismay:
-->'''Chavez:''' Petting is ''not'' allowed!

-->'''Chavez:''' What is it with you and touching?

-->'''Chavez:''' Hello! Remember rule number one -- "Don't Touch"? Ugh, I'm going to put up a sign!
-->'''Allie:''' Hey, if the holes in the bars are big enough for hand -- petting zoo.
* Carny and the bullies: They have to get their memories erased and when they're being mind-wiped, Nadia walks away casually and they go back to what they were doing, except they have no idea what they were doing.
-->'''Carny:''' Hey! How'd my burger get cold?
* Kimora's cluelessness when he suggests the kids hide in the library when they are trying to tell him that it's being robbed.
* Tatsurion finally allowing himself to be called "Bob". Could also double as Heartwarming as it's the first step of their new friendship.

!!Om Nom Nom

* Every scene with Gabe and Gargle. At one time, he pulls out Gabe's underpants from his Backpack.
* The mooks getting their truck wrecked.
-->'''Mook:''' We're gonna need a bigger truck.

!!The Hunted
* Poor Tatsurion getting repeatedly [[InconvenientSummons summoned]] by Ray.
-->'''Tatsurion:''' You summoned me to ''open a door!?''

-->'''Ray:''' [[MundaneMadeAwesome We're to duel ''those'' bleachers into a stack against the wall!]]
* Gargle makes a sonic cannon. Gabe tries to use it a second time and the outcome? Explodes!
-->'''Gargle:''' One hit wonder!

!!Into the Fire: Part 1

* During their escape from the kitchen, Allie and Squeaky are caught by Vorg and the guards and facing certain death.
--> '''Allie:''' Squeaky, I’m sorry. Just close your eyes. It’ll be like falling asleep, except with stabbing...

* After an unsuccessful escape that leads into the Throne Room:
--> '''Allie:''' Lord Skycrusher, [[OhCrap I presume?]]
* Allie makes up the excuse that she's not worthy of being a meal. Skycrusher actually agrees!
* When Tatsurion, Ray, and Gabe sneak into the castle.

!!Into the Fire: Part 2

* Ray's disgust at [[OneWingedAngel Squeakie's true form]].
* Nadia contemplating on whether the kids will stop touching creatures.

!!Shaw K'Naw

* Nigel casually walking by a museum, with only one policeman noticing him
* Ray attempts to ride Fumes, except he falls in him.
-->'''Ray:''' Actually, I can see again. I guess mud baths are good for you.
-->'''Gabe:''' ''*gagging*'' Not as good as a ''real'' bath will be -- for ''you''...and us! Whew.
* The Choten hires Heller because he's a [[ItMakesSenseInContext very]] [[AccidentalInnuendo naughty man!]]
** At least in the Spanish dub. In the English dub, [[ForTheEvulz he screws with him just for the hell of it.]]
--> '''Choten:''' ''*in an angry, low tone*'' Mister Heller, you are a disappointing, greedy man.
--> '''Heller:''' Wh- what are you gonna do to me?
--> '''Choten:''' ''*cheerfully*'' I'm here to offer you a job!
* The Flare Inhibitor trying to fly off after Nigel.

!!The Taken

* Thornbringer's long line to Tatsurion:
-->'''Thornbringer:''' So be it, brave one. Just know your memory will be honored. Your bones will be made into our arrows, your horns into our spears, your–
-->'''Tatsurion:''' ''(annoyed)'' Can we just fight, Maskmouth?!
* Kimora summons his creature in the Nature Civilization, except Shouter says [[ImStandingRightHere HE IS RIGHT THERE!]]
* Shouter's tribe doesn't exactly... ''believe'' his stories of dueling.
-->'''Mighty Shouter:''' Others think Shouter stories of Duels with Kimora are dreams of madness. Make Shouter live over ''there'' -- alone.
** Though the above can also be seen as Tear Jerker.
* Allie in this bit:
-->'''Allie:''' (Gasp) [[spoiler:Hissy! Oh, Hissy!]]. Who is my cute 20-ton creature? Yes you are, yes you are!
* Aqua Seneschal being threatened by Hissy. And it works!
* The end, where Ray and Gabe pull off leeches from Allie's hair:
-->'''Allie:''' (Screams) I HATE GARDENING!

!!The Siphon
* Nigel's expression when he catches a Stalker Sphere in his hand.
* Shaw K'Naw meeting up with its former handler, Heller.
-->'''Heller:''' Oh no, that bird hates me!
* Aaaaand, who can forget Gargle screeching [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar "NSFW! Not Safe For Work!"]]

!!The Deep End: Part 1

* This exchange:
-->'''Ray:''' (After seeing Squeakie) I wish I had a creature.
-->'''Gabe:''' You do. His name's Bob.
-->'''Ray:''' Bob? My creature's name *{{Beat}}* is Bob?
* Tatsurion recalling events from "The Hunted".
-->'''Tatsurion:''' How could you not remember me? You made me a meat called bacon! I told you it tasted like ''humans''! ''*beat*'' Wait, don't run, I was joking! ''*looks at Gabe and Allie*'' You two. Fix him.
* Gargle saying unfriend to Saguru and calling Tatsurion an [[EpicFail Epic Fail]] under water.
* The [[spoiler:Council of Logos]] are BABIES!
* Gargle kept his promise of letting Saguru see the capital... by letting him see the capital prison.

!!The Deep End: Part 2

* Nadia saying how she's gonna have to come up with a grosser punishment for the kids.
* Alakshmi completely ignoring Saguru to catch the Choten. The former falls hard with a loud "OOF" of pain.

!!The Last of His Kind

* Jaha complaining the entire time on the trip, and only going along solely to prove her theory correct. [[spoiler: And she does!]]
--> '''Jaha:''' (being carried by a running Kimora) BE CAREFUL, YOU OX!
* Master Kimora expressing his hate for workouts, especially in his condition.
--> '''Kimora:''' (Panting) And I thought ''I'' was intent on catching the rogue!
* All the while Gabe is exposed to what could be poison. He even offers Ray his signed First-Edition Change-O-Bot trading card collection if he dies. Turns out at the end, it was actually a [[spoiler:harmless infection!]]
-->'''Allie:''' Oh man. [[SarcasmMode I...wanted those so bad]].

!!Night Moves

* The mook's surprise that he won against Alakshmi.
* The end of Artie's story. The captain ate the treasure!
* Allie summons Squeaky to fight against an unwelcome creature, and gives her the command to perform the Gaze of Infinite Adorability.
---> '''Allie: Okay, be adorable, baby... oh, so sweet - now SIC 'IM!
* Gabe telling Master Brightmore that they can't get memory-erased... then realizing Nadia hadn't told Nigel about their visits to the Water Civilization. Oops, indeed.
* '''Artie Underhill:''' No more sleepovers! [[SpoiledSweet For a month]].

!!The Nature of Things: Part 1

* Two words: '''Bare Bottom!'''
** Even funnier when you realize that Bob has letters from that name.
* Tatsurion's reason for entering:
-->'''Tatsurion:''' I will enter on one condition: [[DontCallMeSir Never call me that name again.]]
* Any time Allie is cheering for someone the crowd hates.
-->'''Allie:''' [[ShuttingUpNow Uh, I'll just shut up now!]]
* Chavez thinks that Gargle will construct something with a paper and notepad.

!!The Nature of Things: Part 2

* Everyone in the crowd going after the Shield.
* Chavez and Gabe walking backwards through ''Midnight Crawler's stomach''!
* Tatsurion telling his brother to call him Bob. Also doubles as Heartwarming.
* This exchange, from early in the episode:
-->'''Choten:''' Tell your pet to heel.
-->'''Allie:''' Chill, Squeaky.
-->'''Choten:''' I was talking to the Darkness Creature.

!!A Light in the Darkness

* When Alakshmi says that Fingers is too old to be afraid of the dark, he says later that he'd be afraid of the creature that's pulled out even when he's 100.
* Ray and Allie's conversation regarding Darkness creatures.
-->'''Ray:'''Screaming Skulls? Parasite Worms? There any Darkness creatures that are ''not'' creepy?
-->'''Allie:''' Mm. Creepy's the new cute.
* Gabe's brothers don't know where the books are.
-->'''Gabe:''' Don't you think it's odd that they agreed to tutoring (chuckle) in a ''Library''?
-->'''Ronald:''' What's so odd about it bro? That's where the books are. *{{Beat}}* Right?
* Gabe gets called the [[FatIdiot fat one]] by Fingers.
* It takes all afternoon before Gabe gets down from the broken ferris wheel he and Gargle trapped themselves on to avoid the Writhing Bone Ghoul.
** While there, Ronald calls him.
-->'''Ronald:''' Hey, um, we got a question. What do you know about mirrors?
-->'''Gabe:''' Mirrors? What! Wait a minute. Are you stuck in the Fun House's Hall of Mirrors?
-->'''Ronald:''' No. *bumps into mirror* Ow!
* Gargle with a [[{{BFG}} Machine Gun]].
* Fingers finally catches up to Gabe and Gargle and starts to wonder how he gets away so fast.
-->'''Fingers:''' You know, for all the running you do, you really ought to be in better shape!
* After Fingers gets defeated.
-->'''Fingers:''' [[OhCrap Well, Bye!]] *Pinches nose and jump into the sea*
* Gabe being teased by Ray and Allie for having a girlfriend.

!!Duel Hard

* Ray says that bank heists are cliché. Later, the bank they're in is being robbed. That's irony for ya!
* Ray calls Gabe to get help. Where is he? Self-Dentist Appointment and talking on the phone with water in his mouth. Sort of a reference back to how Gargle should be named.
* Alakshmi and Artie's disgust at Humonculon.
-->'''Artie and Alakshmi:''' Ewwwwww!
* Ray saying that the temporary Tech Gauntlet [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar feels wrong]].
* Saguru leaping down from the rafters to KO Nigel... and then casually striding out of the front door with the helmet under his arm.
** And before that, Humonculon chirping with glee when he finds the seal. He just sounds so ''proud'' of himself.
* Alakshmi getting the fake Helm of Technology. What's her punishment? She has to clean the stalls! The ''creature's'' stalls!
* Aside from the seriousness, Allie calling Squeakie her giant pet Koala.
* Heller: "Alright uncle, I quit" after being beaten by the Duel Masters. Also when he called Alakshmi "nutso-girl".

!!Heart of Darkness: Part 1

* The one creature everyone willingly rides: [[spoiler: Locomotivator. He's a big train!]]
* Slythe saying that they're headed for their destination, when he meant doom.
* Everyone's reactions to seeing Slythe eating a flower.
* Gargle taking credit for taking down a creature.
-->'''Gabe:''' This is a two player game!
* Allie making [[CaptainObvious gestures to Squeakie for getting her friends and her father free]].

!!Heart of Darkness: Part 2

* Alakshmi is still cleaning the stalls and pens.
* Allie's [[MoodWhiplash 'spoiler alert']] to Alakshmi when she is in her dream.
-->'''Allie:''' Lemme guess, mama doesn't love you either?
* Mixed with a bit of [[HeartwarmingMoments a Heartwarming Moment]] and [[MomentOfAwesome a Moment of Awesome]], Artie with an old sword and shield, agrees to help get back Allie. Sadly, Nadia wipes his memory, leaving him in a very funny state.
* Gabe retelling the story of the Trojan Horse and Troy. Even the minions are convinced!
* Allie tries out many disguises with her new mask, even Megaria.
* Fingers reappears. Enough said.
-->'''Fingers:''' I know what you're thinking: What the heck is ''he'' doing here?
* Allie, as Megaria, frees her friends! But not before telling the guards to leave the room. Successfully at that.
* "Hey, Alakshmi. [[ShipTease Good to see ya, babe!]] [[SuddenlyShouting LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!"]]
* Artie was convinced that everything was a dream. [[FunnyBackgroundEvent Did he not notice the mask on the mirror or Squeakie in the closet?!]]

!!Like Father, Like Son

* Ray and Carny rolling around in the garbage while fighting.
* Ray, Gabe, and Tatsurion hiding in a bush to teach Carny a lesson. [[FunnyBackgroundEvent They could clearly be seen in the background]].
* Gabe complaining about their decision.
-->'''Gabe:''' May I point out, as usual, that this is an unfathomably bad idea? AS USUAL!
* Carny comes outside his home whistling and his reaction to seeing the creatures.
* Also, Carny futilely running to stop Ray.
* Carny thinking [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar he isn't in heaven]] when in the Fire Civilization. Good thing he was cut off!
* When Tatsurion tries to bite off Ray's inhibitor. Carny is freaked, but at least he shows some humor.
-->'''Carny:''' Okay, you keep feeding yourself to the demon. I'm leaving!
* Nadia's expression to seeing Carny running away is priceless!
** Kimora was apparently completely on board with ''bodyslamming'' Carny before Ray intervened.

!!The Unbearable Being of Lightness
* When Sasha returns via cell phone, Gabe has to run into the bathroom to let her arrive. He then has her sit on a "throne", which is actually a toilet. He becomes [[CaptainObvious Captain Obvious]] when telling Janet that his friend ''Sasha'' has come to visit.
-->'''Ray:''' Mom, don't you need to be, like, doing "mom" stuff in the kitchen or something?
** Sad thing is, It was all Gabe's fault Sasha was abused.
* Who doesn't find it funny that Nigel and Nadia are spying on the kids at the dance?
* Janet passing by Nadia and doesn't even notice her. Ray feels sorry that they had to mind-wipe her until this happens:
-->'''Janet:''' (Hugging Ray and Allie) And I saw you two dancing!
-->'''Ray:''' I take it back! That thing didn't erase enough!

!!Heavenly Creatures
* This exchange:
-->'''Ray:''' We need to give him (Ravu) more mana!
-->'''Nigel:''' I forbid you to touch that creature!
-->'''Ray:''' Who said anything about ''that'' creature?
-->'''Nigel:''' ([[{{Beat}} Realizing he meant him]]) [[DeadpanSnarker Hmm. Well done.]]
* Gargle getting jealous of Sasha.
-->'''Gargle:''' G-abriel, BFF. Until G-abriel trade in Gargle for shinier model.
* [[ItMakesSenseInContext Also, this one:]]
-->'''Ray:''' You mind giving us a little warning next time?
-->'''Nigel:''' It would not be a leap of faith if I did.

* The beginning where [[spoiler: Sasha]], Allie, Gabe and Ray playing Change-O-Bots. The boys are going crazy... until Gabe wins.
* Allie explaining the downside of boys to Sasha.
* Ray's thought about summoning Bob. Inside his house.
-->'''Ray:''' Tatsurion ...would probably cost us our security deposit. Sorry, Bob.
* Heller breaks into the house with some mooks.*
-->'''Heller:''' What the–?! They're not asleep!
-->'''Allie:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Duh, it's the weekend.]]
* Cue Squeakie making them look at her in awe of her cuteness, and then siccing them!
* Fingers' hatred for Sasha.
-->'''Fingers:''' Ooh, I hate that Light chick!

!!The Rising: Part 1
* Also a [[HeartwarmingMoments Heart Warming Moment]], Janet is relieved to see Ray still alive, but soon becomes a [[MomentKiller Moment Killer]] when this happens:
-->'''Janet:''' When this is over, [[YouAreGrounded You are]] [[GroundedForever SO grounded!]]
* When [[spoiler:Jaha betrays the Duel Masters]]
-->'''[[spoiler: Jaha:]]''' I'm sorry, Chavez. This is [[TheDarkSide the way of darkness.]]
-->'''Allie:''' Sheesh! [[DoesntTrustThoseGuys You can never trust old people!]]

!!The Rising: Part 2
* We get to see Alakshmi's technical [[HeelFaceTurn heel face turn]] by Allie when she is [[spoiler:rewarded with The Sword of Fiery Cataclysm.]]
-->'''Allie (As Alakshmi):''' [[PunctuatedForEmphasis This. Is. FREAKING. AWESOME!]] Okay, [[spoiler:Infernus,]] attack *{{Beat}}* The Choten!
-->'''Choten:''' [[OhCrap What?!]] [[spoiler:Tritonus!]] PROTECT ME!
* Gabe [[RunningGag continuously getting hit by the artifacts]]
-->'''Gabe:''' That was the [[spoiler: Shield of Unity!]] That means we're on the right track!
-->*(Gets covered by a cloak)*
-->'''[[DeadpanSnarker Gabe:]]''' ''And'' the [[spoiler: Cloak of Dark Illusions.]]
* Jaha telling Chavez and Nadia to just [[ShipperOnDeck do it already.]]
-->'''Jaha:''' Oh for Pete's sake, we just saved the planet. Kiss her already!

[[folder:Season 2]]
!!The Butterfly Effect
* Earlier, when Allie goes to the bathroom, but only finds [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Ray in there, doing something strange, with his robe open]].
--> '''Ray:''' Try knocking!
--> '''Allie:''' ''[[YourDoorWasOpen Try locking!]]''
* [[OutOfCharacterMoment "Now SHAKE hands, or you're going to detention!"]]
* When a Manhole flies into the air and falls onto the ground in front of the kids like a flipped coin:
--> '''Allie:''' [[CaptainObvious Okay. That isn't normal, right?]]
--> '''Gabe:''' I'm sure there's a rational explanation based in [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking physics, engineering and our rapidly decaying infrastructure.]]
* Master Chavez trying to speak Dracon to Gilaflame. It comes out…badly.
-->'''Tatsurion:''' You insulted his mothers egg laying.
** It even gets a laugh out of ''Tatsurion''.

!!Cease Fire
* "[[RepeatWhatYouJustSaid Who to the what now?!]]" By Allie when she discovers that [[spoiler:Alakshmi is on the Volcano Ship]].
* Skycrusher grabbing Finbar by the whole body when Finbar thinks that Skycrusher is lying, complete with shaking.
* Allie's very terrible impersonations of Skycrusher and Finbarr.
--> '''Allie/Skycrusher:''' (After giving Ray back his Gauntlet) Now, answer me one question, swine. ''beat'' [[LargeHam WOULD IT KILL YOU TO HANG UP A TOWEL IN THE BATHROOM ONCE IN A WHILE?!]]
--> ''After Allie takes off the mask''...
--> '''Tatsurion:''' (While looking to Gilaflame) I... fail to see the humor,
** Then, there's the argument between Ray and Allie, with Tatsurion looking to them back and forth.
--> '''Ray:''' We can't just leave her ([[spoiler:Alakshmi]]) behind.
--> '''Allie:''' Uh, newsflash, we can, we should we will, or have you learned nothing from past experiences?
--> '''Ray:''' Says the girl who still tweets Portia and Maribel 24/7
--> '''Allie:''' [[BlatantLies I do not!]] *''beat''* Wait, have you been reading my texts?
--> '''Ray:''' Next time, don't leave your phone on the family room table whole I'm trying to do my homework
*** While this is going on, Tatsurion is looking back and forth.
--> '''Allie:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Yeah, more like copy my homework.]]
--> '''Ray:''' (Turning to Tatsurion) You have no idea what it's like to live under the same roof as her!
--> '''Allie:''' (Turning to Tatsurion) You have no idea what it's like to live under the same roof as him!
--> Tatsurion growls softly.
--> '''Ray:''' What it's like to live with ''me?!''
--> '''Allie:''' Yes!
--> ''Overlapping talk between Ray and Allie''.
*** On the outside, two guards are listening in on what they think is ''torture''.
--> '''Guard 1:''' Sounds like some ''strange'' torture.
* Then there's Allie's impersonation of Finbarr.
--> '''Skycrusher:''' You, Water Creature, how did you get aboard my ship?!
--> '''Allie as Finbarr:''' [[OutOfCharacterMoment Through our superior teleportation vortex technology... thingy. It's a Water Civ thing, you wouldn't understand.]]
* There's also Skycrusher's [[BigWhat Big What]] when Allie, still as Finbarr, agrees to the Water Civilization "unconditionally" surrendering.
* After that, when Ray and Tatsurion escape, Allie brags about brokering a truce between Fire and Water, this happens:
--> '''Finbarr:''' Preparing [[DoomsdayDevice Ultimate Doomsday Device of Mass Destruction]]
* Allie getting jealous over Ray's supposed [[spoiler:[[StudentTeacherRomance crush on Alakshmi]].]]
--> '''Allie:''' '''FINE!''' Go rescue your little ''girlfriend!'' [[SarcasmMode I'm sure she'll love putting the toilet seat down after you,]] [[PunctuatedForEmphasis every. single. time!!!!]]
--> *''beat''*
--> '''Ray:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint That wasn't about toilet seats, was it?]]
* At the negotiation meeting in the Darkness Civilization...
--> '''Empress Gregaria:''' Somebody's lying, and it's not the girl.
** Also, everyone's big "awe" when Squeaky gets their attention, even from Finbarr and Skycrusher.

!!Boiling Point
* Lord Finbar making Allie slap herself. Several times.
* When Ray and Tatsurion climb into Skycrusher's ship, they start to talk about [[spoiler:Alakshmi]]
--> '''Tatsurion:''' Alakshmi better be worth it.
--> '''Ray:''' You sound just like Allie! Where does she get off, saying I ''like'' Alakshmi?
--> '''Tatsurion:''' You're crawling through a mountain full of molten lava that could spew at any moment [[DamselInDistress just to rescue her.]]
** Also, Tatsurion saying that he just wants to get his weapons back.
--> That, and getting my weapons back, [[ComicallyMissingThePoint mostly the weapons.]] ''*{{Beat}}*'' [[ObsessionTropes I like my weapons.]]
* Alakshmi's reaction to Ray freeing her. The music people must have been making fun of [[ShipTease Ray and Alakshmi]] since they inserted some romantic music when the two looked each other in the eye.
* Lord Skycrusher mocking Tatsurion for not being able to fly like other dragons. Cue Tatsurion opening his wings. Skycrusher's OhCrap reaction is priceless.
** Then immediatly after, Skycrusher, in rage, states that Tasturion might have wings, but he will never be accepted amongst dragons. [[{{Irony}} Come the end of the episode, Infernus rewards Tatsurion with a full-dragon status]].
* When Jaha says that the Butterfly Effect is over:
--> '''Master Jaha:''' (After fish starts to rain from the sky) [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Not. One. Word.]]
* "If [[ShipTease those two]] can get along, then there's still hope for the Creature Realm!"

* The numerous times when one of the Temple inhabitants finds a mini Gargle. It all comes down to Jaha asking about the progress of a surveillance camera system, in which Gabe replies that he and Gargle are on it. Cue to Chavez, Nadia, Kimora and Toji looking to Gabe deadpan, each with a Gargle in their hands.
* Before that, Gabe is trying to capture the Gargles with a bucket, and when he thinks he found Gargle, it's revealed to be Jaha, [[WhatTheHellHero surprised at what Gabe was about to do]].

!!Caught in the Spotlight
* Carny's [[OhCrap Oh Crap]] reaction to seeing that he accidentally had Grash break the glass of the aquarium.
* Ray and Allie's argument over the remote.
* This exchange between Ray, Tatsurion and Carny with Fingers and Heller.
--> '''Ray:''' [[GoThroughMe If you want him, you're gonna have to get through us!]]
--> ''Beat''
--> '''Tatsurion and Carny:''' [[RepeatWhatYouJustSaid They do?]]
** Also counts as a Moment of Awesome and a Heartwarming Moment, considering how much Ray hates Carny and vice-versa.
* [[spoiler:Lucy's]] surprise about Ray fighting with Tatsurion.
--> '''[[spoiler:Lucy]]:''' Are you controlling that ''monster?!''
--> '''Tatsurion:''' [[BerserkButton I am not a monster!]]
--> '''[[spoiler:Lucy]]:''' Your monster knows how to speak English?!
** After a while...
--> '''Tatsurion:''' [[LargeHam I AM NOT A MONSTER!]]

!!The King's Speech

* For a series heavily reliant on using phrases such as [[NeverSayDie 'destroyed, eviscerated, defeated, and disappeared' to refer to deceased/missing characters,]] it's something [[BlackComedyBurst hilarious]] for Bob to tell Saguru "I thought you were dead" so casually.
* All of the students' surprised reactions when [[spoiler:Finbarr calls back the Cyber Viruses]]
* Then there's also Saguru and Ray leaving Fingers in a closet, [[BoundAndGagged gagged and bound,]] and [[SomethingWeForgot they don't even remember bothering to free him.]]

!!Quest In Fire

* Gabe leading Ray and Allie into Master Nadia's [[ElaborateUndergroundBase underwater lab]], and immediately getting called out for it.
--> '''Nadia:''' You know what else isn't a good idea, sneaking into my lab!
--> '''Allie:''' In my defense, it was the Light Master's fault.
* When Allie once again calls Alakshmi Ray's girlfriend
--> '''Ray:''' How many times do I have to tell you?! [[SheIsNotMyGirlfriend She's not my crush!]]
* Ray trying to talk (with exaggerated hand gestures) behind the firewall.

!!Rising Son
* The exchange between Ray and Tatsurion while chasing Sniper Mosquito.
--> '''Tatsurion:''' So Japan, you must be visiting your other family. So do they embarrass you or do you embarrass them like my families?
--> '''Ray:''' Yeah...No! I...Can we not talk about this now and just focus on chasing the giant insect?
* Earlier, an exchange between Ray and Grandpa about Japanese Customs.
--> '''Ray:''' You have slippers for indoors and slippers for the bathroom?
--> '''Grandpa:''' To do otherwise would be unsanitary, and impolite.
--> '''Ray:''' Why don't we do this at home?
--> '''Grandpa:''' ''Eh,'' [[LampshadeHanging too many slippers.]]

!!Mixed Vegetables
* The entrance of the Wild Veggies.
-->'''Rapscallion:''' Unhand our brethren! I, Rapscallion, claim this soil in the name of the Wild Veggies!
-->'''Allie:''' Just what we need; a salad bar with an attitude.
** Basically, all of the Wild Veggies are just so damn hilarious.
* Gabe's disappointment at the end of the Butterfly Effect for Nature and Water. He just wanted to get an award for eliminating World Wide Hunger.
--> '''Gabe:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint On the other hand, we can be on the brink to eliminating World Wide Hunger!]]
--> '''Allie:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Or choking the world to death with dandelions]]
*** Then at the end, where everything is peaceful once again:
--> '''Gabe:''' That means no more giant tomatoes on our side of the Veil. So much for eliminating World Wide Hunger.

!!Extracurricular Activities
* Heller, at the beginning, coming out of the Veil after stealing some money. Apparently, [[OffscreenTeleportation he stopped for a drink on our side of the Veil]], and when Fingers sneaks up on him, immediate [[SpitTake Spit Take!]]
* Ray complaining to Allie about his job.
--> '''Ray:''' Name one busboy or waiter.
--> '''Allie:''' Well, there's, uh... [[DiggingYourselfDeeper you.]]
--> ''{{Beat}}''
--> '''Allie:''' What? [[ItMakesSenseInContext Their name tags are so tiny!]]
* Also, there's Janet Pierce with a designer dress, who says that she borrowed it from Master Nadia, and she wouldn't even go as far as asking Master Jaha for one.
* In a way, the many times Heller disappears with Bloodmane continuously smashing every table he's at.
* Lucy is back, and she is in for lots of surprises. She has some pretty funny quotes.
** Upon seeing Roaming Bloodmane:
--> '''Lucy:''' Okay, [[BigfootSasquatchAndYeti Bigfoot's new.]]
** After helping Ray [[spoiler:defeat Heller with Janet's Gauntlet.]]
--> '''Lucy:''' Your mom too?! Who else doesn't know about this Creature Dueling thing?!

!!Gargle, Gargle, Toil and Trouble
* Gabriel's brothers chasing Gargle with a butterfly net.
* The one reason Ray likes to stay at Allie's house more than his new one: The Flat Screen TV.
* Tatsurion being summoned to help Ray fight.
--> Tatsurion: [[ContinuityNod This had better not be another cleaning job.]]
* This exchange between Allie and Gargle:
--->'''Allie''': Gargle, what are you doing here?
--->'''Gargle''': Gnnn... [[ItMakesSenseInContext Gargle... not... Science project]]!
--->'''Allie''' (confused): Say what?
* At the end, Gabe's brothers start to say how cool Gabe is, and Gabe tries to decide whether or not to erase their memories. Finally, when one of them says that they just want to blow up stuff, [[BerserkButton he does it.]]

!!Darkness On The Edge Of Town
* Despite being a [[BizarroEpisode dark episode]], this one still has its moments.
* The mooks at the beginning. One of them is complaining about [[AreWeThereYet driving through the Darkness Realm to get to the Choten]], saying that it gives him the willies while a female mook tells him to shut up and keep his eyes on a map. They must be ''really'' lost!
* Gabe continuously struggling to get his Gauntlet on at the beginning of the episode.
** And when he does get it on, the [[spoiler:[[TheUndead Ghoul Monsters]].]] are already gone.
* Allie's attempt to sneak the [[spoiler:Cloak Of Dark Illusions]] out of the Temple. She tries opening the door to where it originally was, but then just decides to stuff it into her jacket. [[note]] Also a [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Getting Crap Past The Radar]] moment when you see that her [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything breasts are unnaturally moving around.]] [[/note]]
* Allie failing to understand the meaning of the word [[InherentlyFunnyWords Hubris]] [[note]] Means excessive pride or self-confidence.[[/note]]
* Slythe continuing to be a coward when something dangerous happens.
* Allie's poor imitation of Megaria to the guards. In a way, [[BrickJoke it works on them.]]
* For some reason, Master Jaha thinks that Ray and Gabe have a license.
* Megaria and her minions continuously referring to the [[spoiler:truck of Evolution Serum]] as a big, shiny treasure.

!! Into the Void
* Allie playing with the Cloak of Dark Illusions after [[spoiler:it gets camouflaged]].
--> '''Allie:''' Hey, look! [[WesternAnimation/YoungJustice Cloak, no cloak. Cloak, no cloak.]] [[note]] Reminds you of when Wally played around with his Stealth Tech button in "Bereft".[[/note]]
* Most of the things Allie does at school with the Cloak.
** She wears her [[EvilIsSexy Darkness Dueling Outfit]], saying that they're really comfortable clothes.
** Her shadow eats up Portia's while quipping at her.
** Using her shadow to scare the toughest bullies, who used to follow Carny before [[spoiler:taking residence with the Choten]]
* Lucy giving a good example of [[UsefulNotes/MahatmaGandhi Gandhi's nonviolence act]] to Ray in a Duel. She has Blowfish dodge every one of Kenina's attacks, eventually leading to Kenina accidentally firing upon Ray.
--> '''Gabe:''' Looks like Gandhi was right.
--> '''Ray:''' (''Now a bit burned and singed up.'') [[DeadpanSnarker Or Lucy was just lucky!]]
* This exchange between Gabe and Ray after Jahal told them to do nothing about [[spoiler:Allie fleeing to the Veil]]:
--->'''Gabe''': You're... not gonna do nothing, are you?
--->'''Ray''': Nope.
--->'''Gabe''': [[DeadpanSnarker In fact, you're gonna do something kinda stupid and dangerous, aren't you?]]
--->'''Ray''': Yep.
--->'''Gabe''': [[SarcasticDevotee Aaand, I am probably gonna help you]], even though we cannot possibly [[spoiler:track her to the Darkness Realm]].
--->'''Ray''': Nope.

!!Exchange Program
* When Ray, Gabe and Allie confront Maribel and Sykes [[spoiler:replaced by Light Creatures.]]
--> '''Allie:''' Okay, Cosplay time is over!
--> '''Sykes:''' ([[NotListeningToMeAreYou While looking to a piece of jello]]) I do not know what you are talking about.
--> '''Allie:''' [[BerserkButton Stop looking at the wiggly!]]
* At the end, when Gabe asks for Eternal Haven to let the Duel Masters keep their memories, he gets a low horn-like sound in response.
--> '''Gabe:''' [[CaptainObvious I'll take that as a slightly annoyed yes?]]
** Now, what ''really'' sells it here is when Sykes takes away Gabe's lunch, he gives a [[SlasherSmile Slasher Smile]], stating that he switched it for anchovies, causing Sykes to [[VomitDiscretionShot throw up just as the episode ends.]]

!!Bring Me The Head Of Tatsurion The Unchained
* You have to admit, the [[OverlyLongName title of the episode]] sounds pretty strange and somewhat hilarious in a {{Narm}} sense.
* After Tatsurion falls into Moorna's trap.
--> '''Moorna:''' You should have listened to your mother, ''Bob''. [[CaptainObvious It IS a Trap!]]
--> '''Tatsurion:''' [[DeadpanSnarker We know it's a trap,]] [[LargeHam EVERYONE KNOWS IT'S A TRAP!!!]]

!!Forest For The Trees
* At the beginning, Carny is complaining to Heller about how he has a scrawny fish creature instead of a serpent when they are chasing Rumbling Terrasaurs.
* The irony of Shouter being summoned to tell the humans about what is going on.
--> '''Mighty Shouter:''' No time for dueling, Kimora! Shouter needs humans' help!
* When Saguru shows the group that Homunculon has taken him over:
--> '''Allie:''' [[{{Squick}} Ewwww...]]
--> ''Kimora and Gabe glare at her.''
--> '''Allie:''' [[ThatCameOutWrong Oh, I mean,]] [[SarcasmMode What's newwww, Saguru?]]

* Allie hinting her obvious skepticism of Master Issao.
--> '''Allie:''' ''Aster-May Issao-Ne.''
* When Gabe is trying to warn Issao about Pannopter.
--> '''Issao:''' I doubt that there any ''tricks'' that I have not seen anymore! (Gets electrocuted) [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Not. One Word.]]
* Ray, Gabe and Allie getting away with going with the Corrupted Stalker Sphere after Issao tells them not to.
** Before that, Jaha [[LampshadeHanging lampshading on how the kids do their work.]]
* [[LesYay Alakshmi acting nervous around Tiera when using a laser to try to get her out of the armor.]]
--> '''Alakshmi:''' It should work, considering I don't accidentally cut you in two.
* Everyone getting Gauntlet Problems.
* The Choten confronts Tiera, seeming furious, as they look each other down angrily. When [[spoiler:they smile and kiss]], everyone's reactions are priceless, namely Carny and Fingers's, as well as Heller's.
* The sheer flabbergasted/royally pissed off look on Allie's face when [[spoiler:Alakshmi gives Ray a goodbye peck on the cheek.]]

!! Dueling Partners
* Nigel… in a scuba suit. Nuff said.
* Alakshmi, for once, full of [[CrowningMomentOfFunny hilarity]] instead of [[NightmareFuel Nightmare Fuel.]]
** First, she [[ItMakesSenseInContext attempts to rob a clothing store]] after Allie earlier remarked that [[BrickJoke she is a common criminal.]]
** Then, Alakshmi getting stuck in Allie's moms clothes.
-->'''Alakshmi''' I do not wear ''mom jeans''!
** "Downfall!/Freakwave!" *{{Beat}}* "Freakwave!/Downfall!"
** Followed by Alakshmi flirting with Artie, in which Allie pulls her away.
** When [[LesYay Allie and Alakshmi]] try to fight against Choten Mooks.
--> '''Alakshmi:''' Are we in one of those "learning to work together" situations?
--> '''Allie:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Better]] ''[[DeadpanSnarker not]]'' [[DeadpanSnarker be!]]
* Nigel seeing the two work together.
--> '''Nigel:''' [[DeadpanSnarker This is a partnership I thought would never be possible.]]
* Allie attempting to summon a Water Creature, but since her hand is stuck to Alakshmi's, she repeats it multiple times while being pulled, leading up to this:
--> '''Alakshmi:''' Are you or are you ''not'' going to summon a Creature?!
--> '''Allie:''' I ''would'' if you would [[BerserkButton STOP MOVING AROUND FOR TWO MINUTES!]]
* The Choten's whole plan in the episode being stopped... by him getting hit by a rock, thus making him unable to complete it. Your heard right: the ''[[MagnificentBastard Choten]]'', after two seasons of scheming, who could stop everything the hero threw at him and who seemed to plan everything, end up failing his plan of the week because of sheer ''bad luck''.
* Near the end, Allie suggesting [[spoiler:Alakshmi become a new acolyte.]]
--> '''Alakshmi:''' I might consider it… just as long as I don't have to wear ''this.''(Reveals Pink Shirt and Jeans.)
** Notice the smirk on Ray's face when [[MaleGaze he sees her in the new clothes]].

* The whole thing.
** When Master Nadia reveals she talked to Ambassador Gregoria:
--->'''Allie''': ''Gregoria''?! You can't trust ''anything'' those Dark Lords say!
--->'''Nadia''': She said they would invade San Campion.
--->'''Allie''': Oh. Yeah, you can probably trust that.
* Carny [[OutOfCharacterMoment breaking up a fight, much to everyone's surprise.]]
--> '''Allie:''' [[ThatDidntHappen Did Carny just do the right thing?]]
* Kevin using [[spoiler:Carny's Tech Gauntlet]] to give Sykes a wedgie via Skeeter Swarmer.
* ''Anything'' the Skeeter Swarmers cause everyone at school to do:
** Miss Waters acting like a monkey and running out the room.
** Kevin having Sykes take on Nickles and [[NoNameGiven the other guy.]]
*** After Kevin gives up [[spoiler:the Tech Gauntlet]], Ray summons Roaming Bloodmane to remove the Swarmer. He does so, successfully, and just like Slythe, he ''eats'' the Swarmer, getting [[{{Squick}} disgusted reactions from Ray, Gabe and Allie.]]
** Carny and Grash [[spoiler:getting infected with Skeeter Swarmers]], both making snow angels on the ground.
--> '''Ray:''' [[TemptingFate Could this get any weirder?]]
---> ''Portia and Maribel come along, swimming on the ground with hilarious looks on their faces.''
--> '''Ray:''' [[YouJustHadToSayIt That was a stupid question.]]
*** Watch as Ray, Kevin and ''Bloodmane'' all get out of the way for them.
** Gabe under the influence of [[spoiler:a Skeeter Swarmer.]]
*** Also, when Issao shoots it off of his neck later on.
* After Allie [[spoiler:banishes Gregoria and her troops.]]
--> '''Allie:''' We're gonna need a boatload of Cyber Viruses here!
--> '''Master Nadia:''' (''very quickly'') Already-Addressing-The-Situation-Thank-You
* When Kevin attempts to follow everyone into the Darkness Realm:
--> '''Master Jaha:''' Sit! ''Stay…''
* When Allie offers [[spoiler:the Cloak of Dark Illusions to Kalima.]]
--> '''Queen Kalima:''' Your allies seem to object.
--> '''Allie:''' [[LampshadeHanging Which means you know it's a good deal, right?]]

* Gargle's way of cleaning up the archives "Not Boring."
* Uncle Issao seems to be very much attached to Japanese Customs.
** He questions why Ray's family doesn't have slippers.
** Gives umbrellas as presents to the family.
---> '''Ray:''' ''Whispering to Grandpa Okamoto'' Should we tell him that it doesn't rain that much in San Campion?
*** Although, when mud starts to spew later on, Issao's [[ImprovisedUmbrella improvised umbrella]] comes in handy.
---> '''[[DeadpanSnarker Issao:]]''' [[BrickJoke Umbrella, very useful.]]
* When Kimora summons Shouter, he is pissed because [[spoiler:Water attacked Nature]], and when Nadia summons a Water Creature, who fails to put out a fire tornado, this happens:
--> '''Mighty Shouter:''' Step aside. Shouter make this quick. ''([[CrowningMomentOfAwesome puts out fire with ease.]])''
** Following after, Kimora quickly banishing Shouter before he can attack the Water Creature.
* When Gabe, Jaha and Chavez go to see if anyone's in the limo they rescued, it's revealed to be holding [[spoiler: Carny and Alex, both, for once, helpless in a Kaiju situation.]]
--> '''[[spoiler:Carny]]''' We could have rescued ourselves ''*{{beat}}*'' ''iiifff'' we hadn't [[spoiler:left our Gauntlets in the other limo.]]
* The awkward silence and face exchange between Allie and Alakshmi after she admits that Allie is the closest thing she has to a family.

* The beginning:
--> '''Allie:''' Shouldn't ''Ray'' be here too?
--> '''Issao:''' He is with family.
--> '''Allie:''' But…
--> '''Issao:''' HE IS WITH FAMILY! End of Discussion!
** Also counts as [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Awesome in his standards]] for [[HeartwarmingMoment sticking up for his family]].
* This exchange:
--->'''Gregoria''' (sounding furious): You specifically told me no Light Creature would be here!
--->'''Allie''': Yeah... that might have been a tad... fibby of me!
--->'''Gregoria''' (souding impressed): [[ArsonMurderAndAdmiration Oooh, Devious! Well played!]]
* Gregoria trying to LogicBomb Sasha by saying that she is incapable of telling the truth. Sasha snaps out of it quickly though, and states that she hates paradoxes.
** There's a BrickJoke to that later.
* Both Sasha and Gregoria saying that they can't be destroyed if they work together (and at the same time no less), and then realizing it.

!!Clash of the Monarchs
* The Choten having a girly freakout moment when Roaming Bloodmane's mites crawl all over him.
-->'''Choten:''' Not the hair!