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Funny: Justice League International
  • Everyone had at least one moment (even Batman), but generally anything involving Blue Beetle and Booster Gold was hilarious.
    Beetle: Never say that.
    Booster: Why not?
    Aquaman: There you are! I'd like to have a word with you two.
    Beetle: That's why not.

  • After Maxwell Lord, Batman, and Martian Manhunter learn Blue Beetle and Booster Gold opened a Justice League-themed casino.
    Batman: The real question is, where did they get the money for it? Last I heard, those two were flat broke.
    Max: Oh, no! NO! *Runs out of the room.* They wouldn't! They couldn't!
    Batman & Manhunter: They did.
    Max: THEY DID!
    Manhunter: If this keeps up he's going to give himself an ulcer.
    Batman: He already has an ulcer. He's headed for a nervous breakdown.
    *The next panel shows Maxwell sitting in front of a giant computer with his head in his hands. On the monitor is displayed "Available League Funds: $0.00"*

  • While Animal Man's treatment as a completely useless hero was rather harsh and unfair, his dialogue while trying to find a nearby animal to "absorb" it's "powers" as a fight broke out always cracks me up:
    Animal Man: Hold on, guys, while I... *Sees nothing but a small mouse nearby* While I...
    Mouse: Squeak!
    Animal Man: Yeah, I think you're cute, too.

  • Guy Gardner challenges Batman to a fistfight for leadership of the League. One punch later...
    • Even better — he doesn't wake up from that punch for two issues.
      • Black Canary nearly goes into a Heroic BSOD over having missed it.
    Canary: Oh God, I'm depressed...

  • One time Guy attempted to use his ring to quickly salvage a wrecked spaceship. The way he did it caused the ship to snap in half. A visibly furious Guy has a large speech bubble with only a "*" in it. The footnote on the panel reads "Expletives. Lots of 'em."

  • The time Mr Miracle tried to land the League ship on the roof of their new brownstone headquarters . . . and ended up destroying the top two floors because earth buildings aren't always designed to support large aircraft.

  • Anything with the Injustice League, who in this incarnation were an entire assembly of Ineffectual Sympathetic Villains. Taking the cake, though, would be when they turned over a new leaf and joined the League, and got assigned to Antarctica. And even there they got into trouble, fighting against a horde of killer piranha penguins.
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