Funny / Jack the Giant Slayer

  • There's one sequence in the TV spots, one that wasn't placed in the film
    Roderick: "There will be no more eating of mankind."
    Giants: *groans and complaints*
    Roderick: "It's disgusting."
  • Wicke asks Roderick, after just pushing a soldier to his death, "Why do people always bother screaming before they die?" Seconds later, a giant reaches down, and snatches Wicke up, who screams until he's silenced by the giant's teeth.
  • This exchange:
    Elmont: "Fear of heights?"
    Jack: "Fear of falling."
    Elmont: "Well then, don't fall."
    • Which is followed by this:
    Jack: "Am I dead?"
    Elmont: "Not just yet."
    • Elmont has many gems throughout the movie, but his best is his actor's near infamous line, "I have a bad feeling about this."
  • Roderick's rather cheeky-sounding response to Elmont's request to order the giants to free him and Isabelle (which was put after a different line spoken some time later in the trailer):
    UH-UH-UH. I'm talking to giants at the moment.
  • The giants literally eat pigs in blankets.
  • "There's someone behind me, isn't there?"
  • When Isabelle shows up at Jack's house, he recognizes her but doesn't identify her immediately. Instead, as they talk, he becomes very nervous and awkward. This leads to a moment where he accidentally sticks his finger in a candle and pauses in talking about his love of adventures to blow on them to help the pain.
  • Elmont and Jack are arguing about a plan (while carrying it out) leading to this exhange:
    "Have you ever killed a giant before?"
    "And you've killed, what, one? And that makes you an expert now?
    "Weren't you in an oven an hour ago?"
  • Elmont furiously calls Roderick a traitor and he off-handedly answers "yeah" before continuing his orders to the giants