Funny / Incredible Crew

Just about every single episode. Despite the stigma of airing on Cartoon Network (which was catching heat for airing live-action shows on a channel dedicated to animation, and was making a comeback with such animated shows as Regular Show, Adventure Time, and The Amazing World of Gumball), some of the sketches were actually well-written and pretty funny.

  • Olaf the Sensitive Viking
    Olaf: Can someone switch sides with me? This side of my face is getting all hot.
    Leader: Stay where you are, Olaf!
    Olaf: How could you want this side of my face to get all hot?! That is so.. RUDE! (Runs away screaming, before turning around) Can I have a hug?
    Leader: NO!
    (Olaf turns back around, screaming loudly)
    • Another Olaf the Sensitive Viking moment

    Olaf: I used real GOAT BUTTER!... GOAT BUTTER!
    Olaf: My pants were shrunk in the WASH!''

  • And this is why you don't cut classes.
  • Putting shaving cream on stuff.
  • The hillbilly dream invader
  • The Class President debate
  • The quickest game show you'll probably ever see.
    • "Ball Pit!"
  • Very definition of "strange kid"
  • Very special controller
    • "Oogi-san's! Pardon out dust"
  • Cosmo's Mega-Head could be mistaken for a Will Ferrell skit.
  • The Last Pillow Fighter
    Girl: (To her mom after she reveals she the last pillow fighter and needs training) Okay, so why do I have to do it?
    Mom: I...Don't...Know!
  • The Dollars and Cents commercial.
  • The skit where basically all the natural disasters converge upon humanity. It starts off slowly with Jeremy Shada treating a news report on the "Torcanoquake" as absolute Serious Business and builds from there, ending with a "Torcanoquake Blizzavalanche Fireicanebees".
  • "Running Errands with My Mom", a Mundane Made Awesome rap parody.
    "I'm spinnnin' ill verse, you mad trippin' Linda, YOUR SHOES DON'T MATCH YOUR PURSE!" *kicks chair*