Funny: inFAMOUS

  • A good chunk of what Zeke says early in the game is pretty funny, but perhaps the most golden is during Alden in Chains, when you're called to help keep said boss firmly inside the prison. Surprisingly, Zeke, who previously professed to hate cops (to the point of openly relieving himself on one) is already there, helping out. The following conversation ensues:
    Zeke: The boys in blue need to move some lops to a more secure area of the prison. Gotta hold off the trash-baggers while they make a move.
    Cole: What the hell is a lop?
    Zeke: A prisoner, man! You know, a shank-holder. C'mon, get with the lingo! Oh, and check it out: that walkway up there is cracking with juice. Little thing I whipped up.
    Cole: Wow. Thanks.
    Zeke: You're damn right.
    • This little nugget if you blow up the gas station early in the game near Zeke's roof:
    Zeke: Man I just saw this Hellacious explosion, what was that?
    Cole: Um...I blew up the gas station...
    Zeke: C'mon, man! Just because you can't drive, doesn't mean no one else wants to! We could have used that.
    Cole: Like you wouldn't have done the same thing.
    Zeke: ...Touché, capitan.
  • Kessler during one of the dead drops.
    "Wait, I can hear the subject moving... Unbelievable! It's flying! Damn it! Shoot it! SHOOT IT!!"
  • Zeke trying to call Cole about an idea he had to make some cash off of his image...while Cole is fighting a swarm of Reapers.
    Zeke: Hey, Cole. You there? I gotta talk to you about something.
    Cole: I kinda got my hands full right now!