Funny / How To Rock

  • The extremes the members of Gravity 5 go to in an effort to make each other lose the bet in "How To Rock A Messy Bet".
  • The Live Action Furious Pigeons game Nelson and Kevin made up to indulge their obsession without playing it on their phones.
  • When the gang discovers a creature in their hangout in "How To Rock A Messy Bet":
    Kacey: Cat!
    Stevie: That was not a cat!
    Nelson: I think it ate the cat!
  • The exploding chocolate fountain in How To Rock A Guest List
  • Kacey acting like she's close with Big Time Rush even though she's only connected to them through a very minor, six degrees of separation type relationship.
  • The end of "How To Rock a Lunch Table": Kacey and Stevie hung a bird feeder over the Perfs table so that the birds would go there and poop on The Perfs instead. It works.
  • Grace's attempts at sarcasm in "How To Rock A Lunch Table".
  • Kacey and Nelson simulating an argument between Kacey and her mother in "How To Rock A Part-Time Job." It Makes Sense in Context...kind of.
  • Kacey in a giant mango costume.
  • In one scene in "How To Rock A Basketball Team", Nelson, Zander, and Kevin are sitting on the Gravity Five couch, which has somehow found it's way into the bleacher's in the gym. During a timeout, Stevie walks over to them and asks how they got the couch into the gym. Nelson looks up and asks "We're in the gym?"
  • Nelson and Kevin freaking out about not being on the same team in "How to Rock Camping"
  • Grace's audition in "How To Rock Cee Lo":
    Zander: Why don't we give her a shot
    Grace: (singing) Hey you what's the matter-
    Nelson: (interrupting) She's hired!
    Zander: She barely sang.
    Nelson: (through his teeth) She's hired.
    • Later on:
    Grace: I'm sorry are you talking about Grace, Gravity 6 Grace?
    Kacey: Grace, our singer slash percussionist, Grace?
    Nelson: Grace, the sunshine of our lives who makes it worth getting up every day, Grace? (awkward silence) Somebody say something quick!
    Stevie: Sure Nelson, that Grace.