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Headscratchers: How To Rock
  • I went to get glasses a few years ago and I got to choose what style I wore. Given all the styles of glasses to choose from, why would someone as concerned with her appearance as Kacey pick a pair that made her look so horrible?
    • Possibly because her prescription wouldn't fit anything but those frames, and also because it's a sight gag.
    • Your prescription doesn't matter; you can choose any style of glasses. I've been wearing glasses for 6 years.
    • Maybe at the time, those were the only pair available that could fit her face.
  • For a show dedicated to how it is wrong to judge by appearances, why is the only character who is genuinely unnattractive (that fat ginger kid) demonized so much?
    • Rule of Funny definitely applies, and also, Andy (the kid's name) has already started to show up as a Breakout Character. Besides, he's one of he few characters in the show who is genuinely himself, and happy about it.
  • So what is the reason behind Molly's malicious behavior? Nowadays, she's just being a bitch for no reason. Grace even ditched her one time!
  • How did she get contacts so fast? I dunno if it's the same in America, but you generally aren't allowed wear full-time contacts til your eyes have fully developed (generally 18 years of age).
    • There's no minimum age for wearing contacts in America. Typically though, the average starting age is 14.
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