Funny / Honto Yajuu

  • Aki showing up at Ueda's apartment late at night in one of the extras.
    Well, I was thinking about you...and that made me kinda horny, so I decided to run it off, but my legs wound up bringing me here. And then I thought, well—may as well screw since I'm here!
    • In the same extra, Aki hopping out of the bath and tackling Ueda. Ueda complains that he hasn't properly dried off yet and worries about getting the futon soaked.
  • Aki sneaking out of his room at his mother's to visit Ueda.
    Booty call! Booty call! Here I come, Ueda!
    • The two mooks guarding the door to Ueda's room to protect Aki's chastity.
    Aki: Fuck off.
    Mooks: No way.
  • Aki's mother's subordinates give Tomoharu and Aki their blessing when they peep into Tomoharu's room after he had been injured in a car accident protecting Aki. Why the sudden change of heart? By witnessing Aki shoving Tomoharu after the latter called him cute, resulting in Tomoharu smacking his injured head (FIVE stitches) onto the edge of the table. Dating Aki is a threat to one's life, and they all wish Tomoharu not die to spare them the responsibility.
  • Fucking in the bath?!