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Funny: His Dark Materials
  • There aren't many laughs to be found in the series, though the BBC radio drama adaptation is slightly more campy and includes a few more funny lines — quite a few of them courtesy of Pantalaimon, who's become a bit of a Deadpan Snarker in this version.
    • On getting Iofur Raknisson to cooperate:
      Pan: Flatter him. Tell him he smells nice.
    • On locating the window through the worlds:
      Lyra: It's really like a window?
      Will: Yeah — only — it's not like anything you've ever seen before as well.
      Pan: That's helpful. "Like a window you've never seen before." Huh!
    • In the museum:
      Lyra: A human skull with holes in it? And there's Stanislaus Grumman's!
      Pan: You've got a thing about skulls.
      Lyra: I haven't!
      Pan: Have.
      Lyra: The museum's deserted. Let's ask the alethiometer about it.
      Pan: It'll say you have an unhealthy obsession, and you ought to take up playing the recorder.
  • Lyra making an omelette in the second book.
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