Funny / Harvester

Violence? Check. Political commentary? You bet! Humor? Lots - of a certain variety.

  • Steve can visit the television studio that films the cowboy show his younger brother's obsessed with. Out of nowhere, the star actor is seen with his foot inside a native American's chest, trying to tug it out, and shouting, as badly acted as humanly possibly, "Ahhh! Shit! Shit on a stickerooo!" We than see a hopelessly bored greaser holding up a stage direction with that exact phrase.
    • Also seeing said stagehand wiggling a cig on his mouth... While holding another cig on his right hand. None of them are lit. He's that bored.
  • Steve's early-game conversation with Mr. Johnson:
    Mr. Johnson: That child needs a father...and Edna, well she needs a good, hard penis.
  • Steve’s dad gives a lecture on the birds and the bees. Of course, this becomes extremely disturbing the further he gets into the details of the act.
  • The entire scene where Stephanie appears to be dead, due to how nobody but Steve thinks that much of it.
    "Yup, that raht thar'z a spinal cowrd." *Award-winning pie-eating noise.*
  • The exchange between Steve and Stephanie when Steve tells her that Mr. Pottsdam buried Karen alive.
    Stephanie: Well, at least that monster's going away, right?
    Steve: BYE (this is the only answer you can choose from here)
  • Duane beating Loomis with a rolled up magazine. Especially since it's the only Gory Discretion Shot in the game (that isn't at all gory or even that violent).