* Cassie and Vlad disguising themselves as Sister Sacrilege and Altar Boy in ''Super Sidekick Sleepover Slaughter'', to name but one example.
* In ''Slice Hard'', when Acid Angel tells the other slashers she can burn through the wall into the room where their weapons are, but she can only produce acid when she's turned on.
-->'''[[EnfantTerrible Ashley]]''': "Yeah, my old Speak N' Say didn't work unless I turned it on either."\\
(cue SexyDiscretionShot of Acid Angel moaning while the wall dissolves)\\
'''Acid Angel''': "Mmmm... There ya go, boys. Yours for the taking."\\
'''Ashley''': "That's ''not'' how I turned on my Speak N' Say."
* "I let my guard down, just for a second, and this is what I get. I should have known this was going to end with me ''punching a dinosaur in the brain''."
* From ''Fame Monster'':
-->'''Neflord 1''': "I/we will fill that one with seed first."
-->'''Neflord 2''':"That one is male."
-->'''Neflord 1''': "But so pretty!"
* Cassie Hack [[http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa248/taelor_mcclurg/CassieVsPokemon.png versus Pokemon.]]
-->'''Cassie:''' (''hacking Pokemon expies to bits'') Come get it you lil' fuckers! Lil' Japanese gut bags! Yeah, that's right! Only good for giving seizures, ain't ya!
* In one story, [[TeamPet Pooch]] absentmindedly tells Chris about how he was born, a story which involves {{Eldritch Abomination}}s, naughty tentacles and loads of squick. At first, it looks like Chris isn't even listening, but after Pooch finishes, he, after a bit of silence, states "[[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain Pooch... never tell me that story ]]''[[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain ever again]]''".