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Funny: Gunpoint
Gunpoint's world is filled with smartasses, and they are hilarious.

  • Conway's very first conversation with Rooke.
    Rooke: Conway, this is Melanie Rooke. Selena Delgado worked for me. Do you have time to talk?
    Conway: How do you know my name?
    Rooke: It's on your profile, it's your phone's public ID, and you once gave it to me on a business card while saying "My name is Conway."
    Conway: I see I've underestimated you.
  • Conway's first contract with Intex.
    Gessler: Who the fuck are you?
    Conway: Conway, hat fancier.
    Gessler: The fuck does that mean?
    • Alternately;
    Gessler: Who the fuck are you?
    Conway: Who the fuck are you?
  • On being contracted to break into the police station by the chief of police.
    Conway: Can't you, police chief of the actual police, get this police thing from the police?
    Mayfield: Ask my predecessor. You can't, he was shot six times in the chest shortly after referring one of his officers to internal affairs for document forgery.
    Conway: Who's to say that was even related?
    Mayfield: The police chief of the actual police.
    Mayfield: (Me)
  • The end of the Mayfield jobs.
    Conway: (Lie) Nope, there was nothing on the terminal.
    Mayfield: I know for a fact there was, and not just because you put (Lie) in front of all your lies.
  • Conway's first conversation with Katie Collins.
    Conway: Get [Jackson] in trouble? I'd want to get him in acid.
    Collins: haha! i just wanna know why he would do this, he always seemed so nice. maybe theres a reason. hell probably be in his office on the top floor. if you can get close enough to hear what hes saying, maybe you could listen in for a clue or something
    Conway: And then throw him in some acid?
  • Obtaining an achievement by jump-tackling a guard and proceeding to punch him, with extreme prejudice, nets you these comments.
    It, er, only takes one punch to knock them out.
    But what you're doing is fine too. That's probably ok.
    Ok, you can stop now.
    There's no achievement for this.
    Jesus Christ.
    Wait, are you doing this to see if there are any more messages?
    Because that is among the worst reasons to punch someone in the face 102 times.note 
    Achievement Unlocked: Alright, Have one! Just Stop!
  • In the level editor, mousing over the level name box provides you with this comment.
    Enter a name of some kind. Doesn't have to be good. Even, like, 'Blanjipan' would do. (Don't call it that though).
    • Entering it anyway leads to the name turning red and being unable to save the level while you're chastised thusly;
    I said don't call it that.
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