Funny / Grindhouse

  • The fake trailers.
  • It's blood.
    • Son of a bitch...
  • Stuntman Mike screaming like a little girl after getting his arm broken when he's rammed off the road by his would-be victims.
    • "I'm okay!"
    • "Moo, motherFUCKER, moo!"
  • And Nicolas Cage as... Fu Manchu!
  • "If YOU...are THINKING...of (FILL IN...the BLANK)—don't." (SCREAM!!!)
  • Okay, this is probably horrible, but the Black Comedy that occurred in Planet Terror when the little boy shot himself. Especially after the long explanation his mother gave about how not to do that.
  • In the theatrical cut of Death Proof, we start getting excited about seeing a lap dance, and then "footage missing."
    • Averted in the DVD, thank God.
  • During the last several minutes of Death Proof, when Stuntman Mike is being chased by Kim, they cross a busy street and some random guy on a motorcycle crashes his bike and plows into a sign.
  • The "missing reel" from Planet Terror. Suddenly, the diner's on fire.
  • This gem:
    Sheriff Hague: Where the fuck do you think you're going?!
    El Wray: I'm gonna go get Cherry!
    Sheriff Hague: Fine. But we're taking my car.
    Sheriff Hague: I'm riding with you.
  • "Hi, I'm Cherry." "You sure are."
  • When Cherry asks Wray for a ride, he, JT and Rusty the dog all look at her.