Funny / Grindhouse

  • "It's blood."
    • "Son of a bitch..."
  • Stuntman Mike screaming like a little girl after getting his arm broken when he's rammed off the road by his would-be victims.
    • "I'm okay!"
    • "Moo, motherFUCKER, moo!"
  • And Nicolas Cage as... Fu Manchu!
  • "If YOU...are THINKING...of (FILL IN...the BLANK)—don't." (SCREAM!!!)
  • In the theatrical cut of Death Proof, we start getting excited about seeing a lap dance, and then "footage missing."
    • Averted in the DVD, thank God.
  • During the last several minutes of Death Proof, when Stuntman Mike is being chased by Kim, they cross a busy street and some random guy on a motorcycle crashes his bike and plows into a sign.
  • The "missing reel" from Planet Terror. Suddenly, the diner's on fire.
  • This gem:
    Sheriff Hague: Where the fuck do you think you're going?!
    El Wray: I'm gonna go get Cherry!
    Sheriff Hague: Fine. But we're taking my car.
    Sheriff Hague: I'm riding with you.
  • "Hi, I'm Cherry." "You sure are."
  • When Cherry asks Wray for a ride, he, JT and Rusty the dog all look at her.