Funny / GoldenEye (1997)

  • You start the Facility stage by recreating the scene from the movie dropping in on a guard in a toilet stall doing his business. However, in the game, the guards in the bathroom stalls are standing at attention, fully clothed, facing away from the toilet.
  • On the second trip to the Severnaya Bunker, the player is tasked with retrieving CCTV footage showing their capture at the end of the previous mission. What does the VHS tape containing the footage look like in-game and in the player's inventory? A copy of the movie!
  • License To Kill + Slappers Only.
    • Or License to Kill + explosive weapons only. Because of the way explosive weapons are implemented in this game, players will end up frequently dying from the "fumes" of the explosion and not the explosion itself.
  • Any time you're in an elevator, the music is overriden with elevator music. It's even more entertaining when it plays during multiplayer battles!
  • Turning on the floating mine cheat can lead to some of the best fun in the whole game. Walking around leaving a hovering trail of remote mines behind you just to watch the pretty explosions afterwards can make it all worthwhile.
  • If you complete Cradle with the Slow Motion cheat, the helicopter (not affected by the cheat) will just fly from you. Conversely, if you complete the level with the Fast Motion cheat, then Bond will fly off without the helicopter.
  • If you enable the Enemy Rockets cheat in the Frigate level, the enemy soldiers will execute their hostages by just prodding them with their rocket launchers.
  • The second level in the mission briefing gives M this gem.
    There are no women or casinos for a thousand miles 007, so even you will be able to concentrate on the mission.
  • The All Weapons cheat grants you access to every weapon in the game. And yes, the tank cannon counts as one of those weapons. Now imagine Bond running around with a detached turret in a cramped facility blowing mooks into pieces. This can also be done without cheats via a glitch on the Streets level.
  • The Paintball cheat turns bullet holes into paintball splatters. Turn on the Infinite Ammo cheat or use the Laser (which naturally has unlimited ammo) and let your imagination run wild. Or pretend to be in elementary school all over again and paint phalluses all over the place.
  • Completing the Depot mission with Fast Animation turned on will affect how the cutscene plays out. Enter the train before killing the guards inside while holding a pistol? Bond will kill one of the guards by shooting into open space.
  • If one does the controller trick on the Egyptian stage, they can shoot Baron Samedi while he's laughing during the ending cutscene. Watching him flop down after being shot is both hilarious and satisfying. With the same glitch, you can shoot Natalya during several end of chapter cutscenes. One of the most hilarious examples is the Archives, allowing you to watch Bond posing dramatically, completely unconcerned as Natalya dies right behind him.
  • Throwing knives avert The Blade Always Lands Pointy End In in the most entertaining way possible by comically bouncing off enemies whenever they strike. It makes it seem as though Bond is either going out of his way to knock enemies out by hitting them with the hilt, or he's just utterly terrible at knife-throwing.