Funny / Geist: The Sin-Eaters

  • Some of the examples provided for death that might result in Forgotten Sin-Eaters are darkly hilarious. Noteworthy mentions include:
    • Being crushed by a chunk of ice flushed from a jet liner's toilet;
    • Getting hit by a bus you didn't see coming because you were too busy brushing a spider off your hand mirror;
    • Electrocuting yourself while wiring up a high voltage cable to get rid of rabbits.
  • Still in the same vein, the backstory behind the Charm known as "Cat's Eye Marble" offers the same kind of ridiculous death: a couple of children were playing back in 1950, when one of their marbles skipped and bounced away. It just happened to fall on the way of a prisonner trying to escape, who then tripped over it and cracked his head on his own handcuffs.
  • The Prey's stereotype toward Mages:
    "That's cheating."
  • The Torn's stereotype toward Mortals is worth a mention as well:
    "Just stay behind me. Stay behind, and don't look too hard. And please, shut the fuck up."
  • The entry for Vanitas includes this nice little advice Sin-Eaters try to always remember:
    "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you might get shot in the face or hit by a car. Again."
  • The Underworld Appendix has a section meant to describe all the things you might risk when visiting this place. When trying to explain why you're risking your sanity, the book has more black comedy to deliver:
    "Think about it. You're down deep. Walls on both sides, dripping rocks above your head, slippery ston beneath your feet. It's dark, though the room ahead has a chandelier made of ribcages and burning hearts, so that's nice. You've seen all manner of unquiet shade down here: the drowned woman weeping for the babies she killed, the pack of mindless specters supping on puddles of blood, and the massive geist whose mouth is a crushing millstone and whose eyes are searing coals. Something is howling in the distance ahead, and behind another something is laughing. It's not a sane place; that's what we're getting at."