Funny / Geist: The Sin-Eaters

  • Some of the examples provided for death that might result in Forgotten Sin-Eaters are darkly hilarious. Noteworthy mentions include:
    • Being crushed by a chunk of ice flushed from a jet liner's toilet;
    • Getting hit by a bus you didn't see coming because you were too busy brushing a spider off your hand mirror;
    • Electrocuting yourself while wiring up a high voltage cable to get rid of rabbits.
  • Still in the same vein, the backstory behind the Charm known as "Cat's Eye Marble" offers the same kind of ridiculous death: a couple of children were playing back in 1950, when one of their marbles skipped and bounced away. It just happened to fall on the way of a prisonner trying to escape, who then tripped over it and cracked his head on his own handcuffs.
  • The Prey's stereotype toward Mages:
    "That's cheating."
  • The Torn's stereotype toward Mortals is worth a mention as well:
    "Just stay behind me. Stay behind, and don't look too hard. And please, shut the fuck up."
  • The entry for Vanitas includes this nice little advice Sin-Eaters try to always remember:
    "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you might get shot in the face or hit by a car. Again."