!!The Fanfic

* When Alisa accuses Nanoha [[LesYay of having a crush on Fate]].
* Arf's [[TrademarkFavoriteFood ramen obsession]].
* Fate eating chocolate for the first time.
* Nanoha wondering if Fate, as a clone grown in a tank, has a belly button- and lifting up her clothes to check.
* Pretty much every scene with [[CuteKitten Vesta.]]
** Especially: Vesta ''POUNCE!'' [[ButtMonkey Poor Yuuno...]]
** And then there's when she suggests that Nanoha would feel better if she were to "[[LesYay sleep on Fate's lap and have her stroke you!]]"
** And the EpicFail that results when she tries the Vesta Pounce on Linith.
** And in chapter twelve when she chases her own tail. ''I was reeeaaally bored, so I tried chasing my tail. Only I was in my war form, and I caught it. And it was twitching and furry and trying to get away, so I bit it. And now my tail hurts.''
* And then there's this SuspiciouslySpecificDenial from Nanoha:
-->It was amazing how scary kind, gentle, maternal people could become if they found evidence of crockery being broken or mud being tracked into the house... not that Nanoha would know anything about that sort of thing. Of course.
* Young Teana is very, very cute. Her... six-year-oldishness is very amusing.
-->'''Teana:''' I found out where Auntie Sara keeps her cake! And I got some all by myself! With a chair Device!
-->'''Tiida:''' A… chair Device?”
-->'''Teana:''' Yeah! Like your gun Devices! Only it was a chair.
-->'''Tiida:''' ''(Trying not to laugh)'' Very well done, then. But are you sure Saralyn said you were allowed to have her cakes?
-->'''Teana:''' She didn’t say I couldn’t have any! So it’s okay!
** She later tries to bribe Tiida into getting her a pet kitten, using his injuries as her excuse.
* At one point, Nanoha reflects upon seeing Fate using Arf as a foot rest of sorts that she had asked Vesta if she could do that too. Vesta's reponse was that it was fine, if Vesta was allowed to lay on Nanoha in her quarter-tonne war form.
* One of the murals on the Garden displays a Priest-Queen in the nude. When Nanoha activates the Garden's defenses, it changes to an image of her. Fate, who can't see Nanoha from where she is, then asks Nanoha if she's wearing her barrier jacket...
* When Mei watches ''StarWars'', she comments that the characters are ''[[CultureClash too old]].''
* When Nanoha enters a HeroicBSOD, Vesta thinks she's been injured and attempts to check for brain damage. "Attempts" being the operative word.
-->''… only you're all not-moving and lying-on-me and staring-at-stuff so maybe you're hurt? Lemme see… there were some tests that Arf-senpai ran me through to check I was made properly, so… um… hmm. Ah, yeah! Can you tell me how many fingers… wait, no. Um. How many ears do I have? No? Okay, can you see in colour? Do you remember how to speak? Come on mistress, talk to me! Okay… can you change shapes... well no, if you could, it'd be very scary… um… I don't remember the others very well… can you add three and twenty two? Or…''
* This exchange from chapter 13, proving that Aleph knows when there's heavy need to lighten the mood:
-->'''[[spoiler:Nanoha:]]''' ''(About to try Mei's barrier platform plan.)''
-->'''Rizu:''' Um, I'm… not sure that's safe. Mei tried that a few weeks ago, and it didn't work then.
-->'''[[spoiler:Nanoha:]]''' Huh? No, no, it should hold you all, I did all the maths right, and… well, maybe if you weigh a lot more than my guess, but I left a big margin of error in there to be safe. ''(To Heidi)'' You're really, really tall, taller than a man, so I guessed and used my dad's weight and then added some more on.
-->'''Heidi:''' ''(And... she wasn't quite sure how to feel about that comment about her weight, even if it was true.)''
* "[[{{Omake}} Teatime with Tea]]". All of it.
* Alicia is just as adorable as Tea. And she seems to have inherited her mother's (lack of) skill [[GiverOfLameNames at naming things]]. And then there's her forays into science...
* Chapter 3 of ''Power Games'' starts with Hayate and Chikaze discussing what they believe is a threat to the entire world. Namely zombies.
** Then they start [[DiscussedTrope discussing]] zombie movie tropes. When they talk about the ZombieInfectee trope:
-->'''Chikaze:''' Why do people ever try to hide that, anyway? It’s ''stupid.''
** And then Zafira acts as TheGadfly to Vita. She quotes Galean poetry to Hayate... and then Zafira reveals it was a love poem.
* From chapter 4 of ''Power Games''.
-->'''Mei:''' Yeah. They took me in for checks, took blood, and then two weeks later, I found out I’m a princess.\\
'''Quint:''' ...oh my.\\
'''Heidi:''' You are not a princess.\\
'''Mei:''' Am too! I’m totally packed with Hegemon gene-markers from my father’s side!\\
'''Heidi:''' That doesn’t make you a princess!
** And Teana's antics are hilarious even when she isn't present.
-->'''Tiida (to Quint):''' Oh, and my little sister decided that you're really cool after you met her. I want you to know what you've done. She's been putting low-friction barriers on the floor and skating around in her socks. This is entirely your fault.
** And this:
-->'''Mei:''' Not knowing what fear is isn't bravery; that's just being an idiot.\\
'''Heidi:''' Like you.\\
'''Mei:''' Right! Like me! I'm an expert at doing stupid things which aren't actually that brave! I have life-long experience at it!
* From chapter 5 of ''Power Games''.
** Vesta using lasers to shoot birds.
** Alicia Testarossa, [[ItMakesSenseInContext The Blanket Snake]]
** Signum's response to Hayate's zombie defense plans:
-->Signum was almost a thousand years old, and even her clear memories stretched back more than a century. Over the course of her long existence, she had fought and led more wars that she could remember, slain more foes than she could count, and earned many sobriquets and titles; chief among them the General of the Raging Flame. Her skill on the battlefield was legendary, rivalled only by her brilliance as a strategist and commander. By dint of sheer experience, it was possible that she was among the greatest military tacticians alive. She drew on that experience now to evaluate, in minute detail, the plans laid out before her.

-->“Um,” she said.
* From chapter 6 of ''Power Games''.
** Alicia's plan to go to Earth:
** Then there's Nanoha's reaction to Shamal blasting her out of the sky.
-->Was that what getting hit by her Divine Busters felt like?\\
She made a mental note to be more sympathetic to people she did that to in future.
* Chapter 7. Alicia, [[spoiler: Dieci, Quattro]], Fun withdrawal, and chocolate. Followed by Vesta versus [[spoiler: Quattro]] in a glorious battle of...well, hide-and-seek.

!! The Webseries
* At the beginning of his "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjnPyGFYKrI Humans are Pokémon]]" video, [=MatPat=] gets frustrated and that the Wheel of Gaming keeps stopping on Franchise/{{Pokemon}}. This gag continues through the opening credits.
* From his "Mario is a communist" video: "And what are two things Wario is known for?" "[[SelfDeprecation he's]] [[RunningGag ten feet tall.]]" "Shut up!"
* [=MatPat=]'s repeated {{Freudian Slip}}s where he messes up "Kremcroc" for "Kremcoc" in his [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2ZmnE0KV6g Donkey Kong Country]] video.
** And when he gets it right: "Achievement Unlocked: Blocked The Cock!""
* [=MatPat=] has a good long rant at Scott Cawthon when he makes a tiled wall contain a key pad.
** Also in the third installment of his FNAF series he claims that this'll be the definitive theory of FNAF with no loose ends and no contradictions. ''[[VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys4 Precisely ONE DAY later...]]''
** At the end of Part 2:
-->... and that is the end of the Five Nights at Freddy's story. No hat, [[TemptingFate no movie, no fourth installment.]] ''(cuts to Mat being huddled in disbelief when he sees the FNAF 4 announcement)''