Funny / Gamaran

  • Zenmaru's going to fight the second match against the Myoujin Ryuu, and we get the following dialogue (paraphrased):
    Naoyoshi:"Zenmaru, take care of it, but try to not die.."
    Gama:" And if you realize you're about to lose, give up, allright?"
    Zenmaru: (slightly annoyed)"Eh?!"
    Zenmaru: (angry) "I'm NOT gonna Die!!"
  • Gama's reaction after hearing that Zenmaru is actually a member of the famous Ichinose Clan.
  • The dialogue after Ichiou's defeat, with Shinnojo chastising Iori for almost murdering the old spearman.
  • Senka tries to seduce Iori so that he'll carry her on his back... only to be utterly rejected.
  • Kashitarou's proposal to Senka, which start by offering her an apple, and then...
    Senka:"What... is this supposed to be a present for me?"
    Kashitarou (with a straight face):"Hm, what? You can't tell by looking at it? I want to see how you look like with this -bleep-ing apple stuffed in your -bleep-ing -bleep-hole! Just imagining it makes me all worked up! Now get down on all fours and stick your ass out you little sow! Of course you're gonna do this for me, right? Senka, you've certainly got a likable face..."
    Gama and Zenmaru (both with a really shocked face): "This guy is a Huuuge freak!!!"
    Senka (in Tranquil Fury) I Understand... (Kashitarou boast) I understand... that you're disgusting four eyed freak.." (cue to Megaton Punch).
  • Gama and Zenmaru's reaction to being groped in evety inch of their bodies by Kashitarou.
    Zenmaru (utterly shocked and shaking): "Waaah... getting touched by that pervert..."
    Gama (catatonic): "... I want to go home..."
  • Senka and Miika arguing on who's gonna cook for Gama... complete with barely contained rage, scary battle auras, death glares and elaborated insults... plus Yumeji pointing out that in the end they always force the Hyuga Brothers to cook instead.
  • After a whole year, Kashitarou descends from Juren Mountain and meets Senka again. His reaction? Pulls out the apple again and offers to "make her his slave". Cue to yet another well-deserved beatdown.