Due to the nature of every ShowWithinAShow in Grand Theft Auto, it can be argued that the entire concept is one Crowning Moment of Funny. Here are some specific ones, though.

* In GTA 3, the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0mH0YomgAY Citizens Raging Against Phones]] group on Chatterbox is hilarious.
-->'''Protestor:''' Liberty City was great, before phones ruined everything.\\
'''Lazlo:''' Liberty City was a church, a cow pasture, and three houses when the phone was invented.\\
'''Protestor:''' LIAR!\\
'''Lazlo:''' You're the liar!\\
'''Protestor:''' Liar, liar, pants on fire!\\
'''Lazlo:''' What are you? Are you three years old?\\
'''Protestor:''' Lazlo's a liar, Lazlo's a liar! I bet that isn't even your real name!\\
'''Lazlo:''' Shut up!\\
'''Protestor:''' You shut up!\\
'''Lazlo:''' Stupid!\\
'''Protestor:''' Nanny-nanny-boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo!\\
'''Lazlo:''' Ugh, we're going to commercial.
* Just about every second put to the airwaves of "Pressing Issues with Maurice Chavez" on VCPR. His guests are lunatics, and Maurice grows increasingly frustrated with them. You know you are in for a good time when a [[DeathSeeker death-obsessed]] goth is the most normal guest on his show.
-->'''Maurice''': ''Dios mio'', he shot him! T-there's blood and pubic hair all over the studio! Ladies and gentlemen, it is complete pandemonium here on "Pressing Issues" with your award-winning and soon-to-be-executed host Maurice Chavez...
* The ''Exploder'' commercial but specially this bit:
-->'''Some Guy:''' "Tim! They've got your wife!"
-->'''Tim:''' "But I'm not married!"
-->'''Some Guy:''' "You are now! '''[[EagleLand TO AMERICA!]]'''"
* The Personal Norse Power Program:
** [[StrawMisogyny On women]]:
--> '''Thor:''' "Treasure awaits you but beware of your women folk, treachery is deep within her. By the coming of the spring, she shall be no more."
** Relationship advice:
--> '''Woman:''' "Can you give my husband and I advise to keep things hot in the bedroom?"
--> '''Thor:''' "Take a longboat and twenty of your finest men. Head to where the sun sets. There you will find a village. Pillage, plunder and burn all that you find."
* V-Rock:
--> '''Lazlow:''' "Don't forget Love Fist are in town right now or is that Love fist ''is'' in town? Whatever, I flunked school 'cos I'm harcore."
* This quote is from an interview segment with a cop in ''GTA San Andreas'': "Yeah, I work undercover in a crackhouse. It's great, I get to smoke crack everyday! I even brought my wife undercover and made her a crack whore! Say hi to the newsman, bitch!"
* This snippet from Just or Unjust on GTA IV's WKTT:
--> '''Announcer:''' Welcome back to ''Just or Unjust'' with the Case of the Scratched Truck and the Underage Fuck!
* The end of the Pacemaker talk show on PLR in GTA IV. Waylon Mason, driven to RageBreakingPoint, whips out a drill with the intention of drilling into one of the two other interviewees' head for testing his patience. What makes the scene is how [[DissonantSerenity nonchalant]] Ryan [=McFallon=], the show's host, is throughout the entire situation, first asking for Mason to calm down, then calmly saying this when Mason is unsure of who to drill as the show's running time is nearly over:
--> '''Ryan''': "I tell you what, Mr. Mason, just drill them both, please. Just hurry up, because that's just about all the time for folks this week on the Pacemaker." *[[SoundtrackDissonance Pleasant jingle plays]] as Mason drills his victims' heads while Ryan continues coaxing him to stop*
* Pretty much ''any'' time you turn on the TV in ''GTA IV''.
** [[RefugeInAudacity The Republican Space Rangers]]. [[CrossesTheLineTwice And how]]. The following quote pretty much sums the whole [[ShowWithinAShow show]] up:
--> '''Alien''': "Oh my god... [[PunctuatedForEmphasis You're. A.]] [[PrecisionFStrike FUCKING.]] [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Moron.]]"
* "Dragon Stance!"
* Sage from Radio X in ''San Andreas'' gives us this gem.
--> "You just can't argue with Music/DepecheMode. I've tried. You just can't do it. I asked [[FaceOfTheBand David Gaughan]] to move into my house. He said no."
* An advert for San Andreas Telephone in SA:
-->'''Caller''': Hello, is Mark there?\\
'''Mark''': ...Yeah?\\
'''Caller''': It's me, Shanon. We met at Jack's party?\\
'''Mark''': Yeah! How can I forget, wow how are you doing? I haven't heard from you in, uh...\\
'''Caller''': Nine months?\\
''[Long pause as a baby starts crying in the background.]''.
* Lazlow's [[VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV Integrity 2.0]] interview with a Central American hot-dog vendor concludes with him seizing the guy by the back of the head and shoving his face into the water tank.
* In ''GTA III'', a person rings in bringing a warning...
-->'''Lazlow''': Hello, caller, you're on the air! Are you sane? Are you a sane caller?\\
'''Caller''': Absolutely, Lazlow. [[EverythingsWorseWithBees Killer bees]]!\\
'''Lazlow''': K-killer bees.\\
'''Caller''': Yes! Killer bees! Did you know that if the current migration north continues, we will be dead in three years? Do you want to become a bee supper? I don't. That's why we must act now! Killer bees ''must be stopped!''\\
'''Lazlow''': I wonder why more people aren't talking about this. I mean, killer bees swarming; it sounds pretty serious.\\
'''Caller''': Ah -- but the killer bees are nothing compared to ants! You can't kill them. They are like sheep! They're going to take over!
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Mqyi0Iv2CdI#t=1365 "DON'T YOU GO DISRESPECTING COCONUT WATER"]]. Topped only by the realization that what he thought was Tibet was actually Wales.
* These bits from ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYX_HIVCVJQ Blaine Country Community Hour]]''.
-->'''Caller:''' We all know it's common knowledge; polio's like a snake bite. You just suck out the poison. People in wheelchairs are quitters!\\
'''Trevor:''' Ron, you there? You better not put me on your show you fucking prick or I'll drink the blood from your still pumping veins!\\
'''Ron:''' What a guy!
* The Talk Radio Station. Oh my god, is it hilarious.
-->'''Radio Cook:''' I don't judge people...well, not white people.
* [[CaptainMurphy Flying Lotus]] takes a break from [=DJing FLyLo=] FM to answer some callers:
-->'''Flying Lotus:''' Let's go to the phones real quick.\\
'''Man:''' Yeah I'm callin' in to request... uh... any music, that ain't this. ''Stop playing everything that you been playing'' because your music sounds like a dumpster rollin' down five flights o' stairs!
** [[TheCameo Not just any man, mind you]] - [[WesternAnimation/AquaTeenHungerForce it's Carl]].