Funny / Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

  • Ted consulting with his "computer" on what's the problem with Jimmy.
    Ted: It says you're a dead fuck.
    Jimmy: What? A dead fuck?
  • Hitchhiker's FUCK YOU -sign.
  • Jimmy's twitchy dancing in the party, due to Crispin Glover dancing to completely different song ("Back in Black" by AC/DC) than the one that was put into the film ("Love is a Lie" by Lion).
  • Tommy trying not to laugh when he can see Sam and Paul stripping through their window and then pretending to sleep when his mom shows up.
  • Axel's Cluster F-Bomb after Jason's hand falls from the table in the morgue and scares him. Because who the hell would take such creative exclamations like "Jesus Christmas!" and "Holy Jesus jumping Christmas shit!" so seriously?
  • Jimmy's death, where he yells, "Hey, Ted, where the hell's the corkscrew," and immediately gets said corkscrew in his hand. Arguably the second best known audience baiting moment in the series, after, "Don't leave home without it!" Tell me you didn't immediately yell "Found it!" or "Oh, there it is!"
    • It gets better if you know the actor who plays Jason in this film is named Ted White.
  • Out of interest of what it'd be like to be stoned on camera for his death scene, Lawrence Monoson (Ted) decided to do just that before filming his death scene, only to find out getting stoned made him very paranoid. In Monoson's own words in the Crystal Lake Memories documentary:
    Lawrence Monoson: It was the worst, worst idea I could have ever done. I was unable to comprehend what the director was saying and I just was too paranoid to do anything. It was terrible.