Funny: Freaks and Geeks

  • From "Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers", we have Nick's hilariously awful love song for Lindsay, 'Lady L', followed by Ken doing him a favour.
  • Bill's "sexy dance"
  • Daniel's Punk hair.
  • Lindsey stoned. She says God isn't logic and then get paranoid that she just exists in the dream of the dog of the people whose children she is babysitting.
  • Bill's Halloween costume.
  • Lindsay's first party. Sam, Bill and Neil swap the keg with a non-alcoholic one. Everyone acts wasted anyway.
    Sam: Ken, it's okay, it's not real beer.
    Ken: I know. I've been winning at quarters all night.
  • Lindsay's "Sam, you have a beautiful body" speech.
  • Nick's underwear, seen when he stays with the Weirs.