Funny: Flight of the Intruder

The Book

  • The book lovingly describes the A-6 Intruder's computer suite as being the very cutting edge of 1950's technology. The book takes place in the late 1960's.
  • The squadron is having a discussion about a terrible prank that was pulled on the squadron XO. While he was in the shower, somoene stole his clothes and towel. Which was unacceptable. The discussion quickly moves on to the evident fact that the XO's first course of action was to use this as an excuse to wander around the ship buck naked.
  • Grafton explaining to the Love Interest that the only reason he had a shirt form a particular gym in Oakland was because he stole it from someone. Who stole it from someone else. Who stole it from someone else before that. Nobody was actually sure who the shirt originally belonged to.
  • Burning planes have a way of exploding, you know!

The Film

  • During a night bombing raid, their navigational system goes on the fritz. Tiger claims that the manual for the computer instructs that you should kick the thing to get it to work again, which he proceeds to do, very awkwardly, in the cramped confines of a jet cockpit.
  • Razor (seen from some distance down the hall) is getting a righteous ass-chewing from Commander Camparelli (who can't be seen from where the camera and Grafton are) for his part in a Bar Brawl. Grafton (having actually just about started the brawl) is quietly sneaking past, completely outside of Camparelli's view, when the Commander leans out into the hallway and screams "GRAAAAFTOOOON! Get in here!".
  • The men are discussing what movie they will be watching that night. Camparelli summarily cancels it on the ground that They Shoot Horses, Don't They? doesn't show any skin.
  • Cool Hand and Tiger have to punch out.
    Grafton: Looks like this is the end of Devil 505, Say goodbye, asshole! Eject eject eject!
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