Funny / Fish Hooks

  • Everything Principal Stickler does.
  • Oscar fantasizing over Bea in a dress Milo was wearing. Especially when "she" asked him something...
    Milo: So you like what you see?
  • Another one, in the first episode.
    Oscar: Uh oh, she's losing it again, Milo.
    Milo: Is she bro, is she?
    (Cue this)
    Oscar: Yes!
  • When Jocktopus was going to fall off the cart in the Halloween special, Oscar agrees to help him up if he promises to stop stealing candy. But a normal promise wasn't enough...
    Oscar: Only if you pinky promise!
    Jocktopus: Ugh, Jocktopus hates you.
    • At the end of the episode it cuts to them several weeks later celebrating Thanksgiving and Jocktopus steals their entire turkey.
  • Milo: Baby Legs, baby legs, check out my baby legs~
  • When Oscar and company arrived to rescue Bea from Randy Pincherson, they came prepared:
    Oscar: It's transforming time! Tiger shark!
    Jumbo Shrimp: Hamstersaurus!
    Albert Glass: Saber-toothed kitten!
    Milo: Milo!
  • Milo trying to make Oscar give a chicken CPR.
  • This, from the pilot, after the plan to break into Clamantha's locker to steal the picture:
    Principal: What is going on out here?
    Bea: um, nothing!
    Oscar:My locker was stuck?
    Milo: (hidden in a trashcan) uh...trashcans don't really talk...
    (inflatable dinosaur crashes out of locker and floats away)
    Principal: Works for me!