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Trivia: Fish Hooks
  • Actor Allusion: Milo thinks Kyle Massey is a magical dude. Kyle Massey is his voice actor.
  • Channel Hop: Since June 2014, reruns air exclusively on Disney XD, with some episodes being advertised as brand new. Latin America, Brazil, and Poland are also following suit, with previously unaired episodes being shown in the former.
  • Dawson Casting: Averted with Albert Glass, who is voiced by 12-year-old Atticus Shaffer. The other students are voiced by people who obviously wouldn't be in high school, 19-year-old Kyle Massey being the youngest.
  • The Danza: Finberley's name is a pun on her voice actor's name.
  • Fan Nickname: A lot of fans give Milo and Oscar the surname "Fishtooth", which was given a Fandom Nod during "Bye Bye Bea Bea" as "Mr. Fishtooth" was the name Milo used whenever he pretended to run a company with Oscar as children.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Managed to make nomination rounds in the Argentine KC As in 2012.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Nearly every character has been in another Disney Channel show at some point or another. Milo is Cory Baxter, Bea is Stella, the fake Doris Flores Gorgeous is Tawni, Pamela Hamster is Dorinda...
  • Missing Episode: Mr. Warburton said on his blog that there were 60 half-hours produced, but only 59 of them aired when the show finished. In addition, a crew-run blog has a screencap in a collage that has never been seen in the show. (First row from the left, second picture.)
  • No Export for You: In a number of EMA markets, the show stopped airing new episodes during Season 2. It's in limbo for territories like Italy, Germany, and Spain. Portugal received the rest of Season 2 on a national channel, but it's unknown if Season 3 will ever air.
    • Disney Channels Scandinavia confirmed that there aren't any plans on airing new episodes of the show, which is odd since reruns had aired in 2014.
  • The Other Darrin: From season 2 onward, Principal Stickler is voiced by Jeff Bennett.
  • Schedule Slip:
    • In 2013, it hit a one-month long hiatus on Disney Channel US that wouldn't have been so bad... if it hadn't got extended another month thanks to a last-minute schedule change.
    • It didn't air on Disney Channel Benelux for nearly a year. (Mid-January 2013 to early-January 2014.)
    • It also took a year and a half for new episodes to air in Poland and South Korea in June 2014.
  • Screwed by the Network: Canada's Family Channel (the Canadian Disney Channel), despite good timeslots at first, stuck the show Weekend Mornings at 8:30AM, before eventually removing the show in 2012, for another The Suite Life on Deck showing.
    • Meanwhile in America, Disney Channel usually shows it at 5 in the morning, when kids are usually sleeping. They still show new episodes, but reruns don't usually have any good times unless they're to fill up a timeslot, and even then, Phineas and Ferb usually does the job.
  • Short Run In Peru:
    • In Poland, the Czech Republic, and Romania, the first 22-minute episode had aired around 2 months before its US airing.
    • In Latin America, Driving in Cars with Fish aired the day before its US airing.
    • Disney Channel UK aired Fish School Musical a week before it came on in the US. They also premiered "Milo on the Lam" 2 months before its US airing.
    • The last few episodes of the second season aired in Asia weeks, even months, before finally airing in its home country.
    • Taiwan got a handful of episodes early in August 2013. Those episodes were stretched from September 2013 to January 2014 in its US run.
    • Russia started airing episodes ahead of time in October 2013, eventually airing all episodes by December 19, 2013.
  • What Could Have Been: These entries on a crew-run blog show the original premises of the series and how it went from there.
    • At one point, Angela was going to turn out to be a "werewolf-fish" during the early planning stages of Fish Prom.
    • The lyrics to the song "Final Exam" originally focused more on the fact that Milo was getting himself in life-threatening situations to study for the exam.

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