Funny / Eva Possibilities and Fusion Pandemonium

  • Chapter 5: Vegeta has spent half an hour trying to awaken Goku, his yells actually shaking the building. He gives up and wanders off, grumbling how the likes of Goku could sleep through breakfast time. Sure enough, the phrase “breakfast” makes Goku wake up immediately. (“I hate you” “What’d I do?”)
  • Chapter 11: Pen-Pen VS. Vegeta:
    Both suddenly found themselves caught in a very odd Saiyan vs. Penguin staring contest, with Vegeta still sitting with his arms folded and unmoving. * And, for those who would actually need commentary on such an event, it went thusly:
    Vegeta stared.
    Pen-Pen stared back.
    Vegeta glared.
    Pen-Pen stared right back some more.
    Vegeta scowled.
    The bird kept his scrutiny going, budging only to ruffle his feathers.
    Vegeta's eyes narrowed, fingers gripping his knees.
    Pen-Pen tilted his head.
    "What?" Vegeta finally barked, glaring his teeth at the annoying avian, suddenly wondering if Penguin was edible and how much energy it would take to flash-fry one.
    Sensing his welcome worn, Pen-Pen let out a panicked, "Wark!" and quickly waddled off as fast as his feet would carry him.
    The war was over.
    The might of the Saiyan race had overcome the penguin menace.
  • Vegeta teasing Shinji about rooming with Misato & Asuka in Ch. 13… and the girls later choosing to tease him simultaneously while hitting quite close to the mark Vegeta had hit.
  • Shinji’s first “conversation” with his mother: “I gotta stop eating Asuka's cooking, Misato was bad enough… But just what was with that mushroom soup she made?” “I try to say hi, and you say ‘what the hell’? Where did you learn manners like that, young man?” “I’m not gonna panic this time” “Good” “Because I know what you are…” “That’s great!” “…You’re a mushroom, aren’t you?
    • It keeps going as Shinji starts messing with her by asking her random sciency questions: "What is the meaning of life?" "Bacon." "How is the meaning of life bacon?" "Ever had a hangover?" "No, of course not." "Then you're obviously not qualified to debate the issue."
  • Goku casually and light-heartedly scaring the crap out of the Section 2 agents sent to bring Shinji in after Yui-in-Shinji’s-body punched Gendo in the face.
  • Chapter 24: Rei grasps her first sexual innuendo, courtesy of Asuka.
  • Chapter 25: Misato's "punishment" to Kaji for keeping secrets from her. ("Last night... Misato... was the man...")