Funny / Eden of the East

  • Talking about Naked People Are Funny, the Naked First Impression, where Akira introduces himself to Saki, combined with a side of cuckooish behavior.
    • On the same note, Akira somehow convincing a passerby to hand over his pants. We don't get to see what he said, but we can only assume it must have been good.
  • In the first episode, a policewoman asks Akira to show his "Johnny" (in Surprisingly Good English), which, as the subtitle notes so kindly inform us, is slang for identification. Well, he shows his "Johnny" all right, getting a horrified reaction from Saki. The policewoman just gets all bemused and tells the two to "Enjoy your date."
  • Akira using his Selecao money to get himself and Saki out of the packed airport gathered quite a handful of crowd. Despite having no memories of how he ended up here, he decides to ride the attention anyway when the crowd clapped for him as he stops to buy a pack of gum...
  • Episode 11 when Oosugi, Hirasawa & Itazu go undercover and strip down naked. They eventually get chased by a bunch of angry naked NEETs.
  • From the first movie:
    Akira: She may not look it, but she's actually a wanted terrorist.
  • First movie, after Saki finds Akira. She messages home to inform her friends that she's found him, and to let them know that the two of them are going over to his apartment. Cue Freak Out! from Oosugi (who is still harboring a crush on her), and the rest of the group hastily trying to change the topic out of embarrassment.
    Hirasawa: Well maybe someone should message her back and remind her to exercise good JUDGEMENT.
  • Akira stating that the kind of person who could change the world with 10 billion yen would have to be bigger than the Prime Minister, and asking Juiz if he's the kind of person who could "make the Prime Minister cry uncle." Juiz responds by making the PM do just that. On public television, in the middle of a press conference, no less.
    • And it actually makes his approval ratings go up.
    • And it only cost 60 yen.
  • In the second movie, Sis reveals that she actually has/had a HGV license. Turns out she Drives Like Crazy. Micchon does not look amused at being in said HGV when we learn this.
  • Kasuga and Pantsu/Panties/Itazu are working in the old clubroom, and the police start knocking on the door. Kasuga reveals he know an escape route, and opens up the desk he tends to hide in. The look of dumb amazement on Pantsu's face before reminding us that he isn't exactly that small must be seen to be believed.