* Near the beginning of the film, we have have this little gem of an exchange:
-->'''Einon''': The peasants are revolting!\\
'''Brok:''' They've always been revolting, prince. Now they're '''rebellin''''.
* The scene where Brother Gilbert sits on Draco, who has [[ShapeShifting disguised himself as a white boulder]]. Gilbert is attempting to write a song about Bowen, and taps his quill on Draco's head to sharpen the point. The "boulder" opens one eye in surprise and annoyance, creating a bit of visual hilarity.
* And when the villagers decide to sacrifice Kara (who is a rebellious troublemaker) to Draco in order to get him to leave. The following exchange happens between Bowen and Draco.
-->'''Draco''': Who's the girl?\\
'''Bowen''': A nuisance, get rid of her!\\
'''Draco''': Why?\\
'''Bowen''': They're trying to placate you with a sacrifice!\\
'''Draco''': Oh, and who ever gave them ''that'' bright idea?\\
'''Bowen''': Just get rid of her!\\
'''Draco''': How?\\
'''Bowen''': ...eat her!\\
'''Draco''': Oh please, yuck!\\
'''Bowen''': Are we squeamish? You ate Sir Eglemoor, hypocrite!\\
'''Draco''': I merely chewed in self-defense! But [[UnEntendre I never swallowed]].
** Especially as that's likely a dragon's version of "[[UsefulNotes/BillClinton I didn't inhale]]".
** Later on when Bowen comes to check up on them, Draco admits to being... distracted.
* Draco diving out of the lake after being "killed" by Bowen and seeing a herd of sheep: "Well... ''hello''." [[HilarityEnsues Dinner ensues]].
* The third attempt at fake dragon slaying, with Kara [[OnlySaneMan trying to reason to the villagers they're frauds]] and Brother Gilbert suddenly coming to Bowen's rescue of his daring fighting prowess (who has no idea of their bargain after their standstill).
-->'''Kara''': Don't you see? He's in league with the dragon!\\
''([[{{Beat}} everyone stares at her]], before bursting into full blown laughter)''
** Then there was the actual crossbow attempt, which goes well... until Draco hits shallow water head first.
--->'''Bowen''': *whispers* Come on sink! SINK!\\
'''Draco''': *whispers* I can't, it doesn't get any deeper.
*** And the amused look on Kara's face upon seeing this.
*** And the piece of resistance: all the villagers chasing the dragon for 'meat', prompting him to fly away for his life (and in turn blowing the ruse)
*** And while the PowerTrio are attempting to escape, Bowen swinging Brother Gilbert up onto his horse causes BG to accidentally cop a feel on Kara.
*** There's a very quick bit when he's running across the shallow water, and suddenly stumbles and falls into a dip in the lake bed. The snarl he lets out seems to be about half, "Dammit, I fell!" and half "Oh, sure, ''here'' it's deep!"
*** It gets even better: After Draco flies off, [[OhCrap the villagers turn and start advancing on Bowen and company]], [[ImAHumanitarian while still chanting the word "meat."]]
*** You can't forget Brother Gilbert's congratulations!
---->'''Brother Gilbert''': What a brute! [[CallBack Why, he's even bigger than the last one!]]
---->'''Bowen''': Actually, he's about the same size...
* Draco and Bowen's MexicanStandoff.
* In the sequel, there's a scene where Lian is fighting a bunch of soldiers. She knocks one guy's sword out of his hands, and it flies straight as an arrow and sinks into a post next to Geoff. A few moments later, a second sword flies at the pole and sticks into it as well, next to the first. And if that isn't enough, one of the soldiers has a decorative point on the top of his helmet, and ends up getting thrown headfirst at the pole and getting stuck in it as well.
* Brother Gilbert suddenly coming up with a good verse. "Wait, that was good...[[OhCrap what did I just say]]?"
* At one point, Bowen is having a hard time lighting a cooking fire, and Draco offers to help. Never mind that the result is like taking a flamethrower to a tissue - "I hope you like it well done..." - but the way Draco lights it is good for a laugh; with almost a bored expression on his face, Draco pinches one nostril shut and exhales out the other, as if he's blowing his nose.
* When Draco rescues Bowen, Kara, and Brother Gilbert from the cannibalistic villagers, we are then treated to [[SceneryPorn several fantastic shots]] of Draco flying through the evening sky. And what do we hear?