Funny / Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi

  • There are several elements that don't change based on the characters fighting that can get a little weird sometimes.
  • The character's reactions to fighting someone they know at a different age, especially for Kid Goku and Kid Chi-Chi.
    • Kid Goku Vs. Yamcha
    Yamcha: Against this Goku, I might actually have a chance.
    • Kid Goku Vs. Goten
    Goku: You look just like me. Are you some kinda weird ghost or somethin'?
    • Kid Goku Vs. Pan
    Pan: Grandpa! You totally forgot about me didn't you?
    Goku: What're you talking about? I'm still a kid!
    Goku (after winning): I know I haven't gotten that much older, but...
    • Kid Chi-Chi Vs. Adult Goku
    Chi-Chi: Goku! How did you get so big?
    Goku: Chi-Chi was sure cute back then.
    • Kid Chi-Chi Vs. Videl
    Videl: Huh? Mother-in-law!?
    • Kid Chi-Chi Vs. Goten
    Chi-Chi: You're not Goku! You're an imposter!
    Goten: Huh? What's wrong Mom?
    Goten (after winning): Hey, why is Mom smaller?
    • Kid Chi-Chi Vs. Pan
    Pan: What even Grandma is here!
    Chi-Chi: Who are you calling Grandma?
    • Kid Goku (GT) Vs. Chi-Chi
    Goku: Huh. Chi-Chi, you got smaller too.
  • In Budokai Tenkaichi 2's Fusion Reborn Story mode, after Gohan defeats Bojack and Zangya, both Frieza and Cell comment on how terrible Gohan's Great Saiyaman outfit is.
  • Just...Just Great Saiyaman in general. Especially when his pre-battle quotes with the Ginyu Force, both Trunks or Piccolo. Meanwhile Videl and Goten likes the costume.
  • One of the what-if stories in Raging Blast involves a fight between Trunks and Goten over who ate who's candy. Goku and Vegeta end up getting involved. Once the problem has been resolved, the narrator happily announces that "The future of group picnics with Goku and Vegeta's families [is] once again secure."
  • If you or your opponent is a Dragon Ball player or Mr. Satan, expect them to flailing their arms or feet when they can't maintain their altitude on flight-level with someone who can fly indefinitely.
  • If you linger long enough in BT3's Versus menu, you may hear this quip from Nappa: "Hey Vegeta, you think if I went Super Saiyan, my goatee would turn blond?"
  • In Ultimate Tenkaichi, picking the "Crazy" voice option for your character in Hero Mode results in some pretty hilarious lines and sound bytes from the Hero. And even when he DOES say something relatively serious, his thick New York accent makes it very difficult to take him seriously.
    • In fact, depending on which voice you pick, almost any scene can come across as comedic.
  • Great Ape Baby's "I believe it's time for this monkey to spank you!!" is as hilarious as it is inappropriate.