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Funny: Dragaera
  • In Iorich when Vlad goes to his old office, hides in the corner thinking invisible thoughts, and startles Kragar so badly he almost screams.
  • In Issola: over the course of two chapters, Vlad manages to make Teldra and Aliera blush, embarrass Morrolan and Sethra, leave Verra speechless, and get a laugh out of both Teldra and Sethra.
  • Best chapter title ever:
    In Which the Plot, Behaving In Much the Same Manner As a Soup To Which Cornstarch Has Been Added, Begins, At Last, To Thicken.
  • "How do you ask the Enchantress of Dzur Mountain if she's too drunk to handle a teleport safely?"
    • Answer: You don't.
  • In Taltos, Vlad and Morrolan are journeying to Deathsgate Falls when they encounter a band of cat-centaurs (feline lower bodies instead of equine). Vlad breaks the silence with a snarky comment. The leader of the band, Mist, jokes back. Over the following conversation, several of the cat-centaurs turn out to be as much a bunch of wiseasses as Vlad, if not more so, until they're all straining to keep from losing it laughing.
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