YMMV / Dragaera

  • Chaotic Neutral: Teldra (a priestess, in addition to her other jobs) describes Verra as the embodiment of capriciousness.
  • Defictionalization: As fits the series' Food Porn tendencies, available merch includes copies of Valabar's menu from Dzur. Many fans have tried to recreate these and other mouth-watering recipes Vlad describes, with equivalent Earthly substitutions for things like kethna or goslingroot.
  • Epileptic Trees: It seems every male in Dragaera has been theorized to be Devera's father at some point. Word of God — confirmed in Tiassa — says it's Kieron. The founder of the Dragaeran Empire. For obvious reasons, this made the speculation much, much worse.
    • A lot of Brust fans are convinced that Cawti is actually the daughter of two characters from Brokedown Palace, largely because Vlad opts not to relate his wife's backstory and also a single line spoken by Devera at the end of BP. On a similar note, many fans speculate that Noish-Pa also appeared as a supporting character in Brokedown Palace; the fact that his given name hasn't been revealed fosters this speculation, although the timing is questionable.
  • Evil Is Cool: Telnan seems to believe this, happily describing his Great Weapon, or at least its name, as "dark and evil and stuff".note 
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: You know all those teckla (the rodents, not the Dragaerans) whom Loiosh is always cheerfully chowing down on? Their Real Life counterpart, the California salt marsh harvest mouse, is an Endangered Species.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Pel, the Demon, Sethra, Mellar, Vlad himself...
  • Parody Sue: Quite a lot of fans see Aliera as this, as she has a lot of superficially Sue-like traits that are belied by her being a complete Jerkass. (Note that the Sue-ish tendency for other characters to fall madly in love with her for no particular reason is actually a key contributing factor in the destruction of the Empire in Five Hundred Years After.)
  • The Scrappy: Savn is seen this way by some of the fandom because the three books in which he's featured deviate to varying extents from using Vlad as a first person narrator. Because of this, it took a while to clarify to what extent he's ever cured.
    • A cameo appearance in Tiassa establishes that Savn's psyche has indeed been restored, at least enough to have a coherent conversation with Vlad and Sara. He's back home with his family in Smallcliff as of Hawk.
  • Values Dissonance: While it's not a universal trait, a number of Dragaerans (at least the really powerful ones) have no compunction against causing the deaths of numerous people in order to achieve their goals and value the lives of their own class more than those of ordinary folk. For example, Aliera refers to her father as being "naughty" for his scheming which accidentally caused the destruction of the imperial capital. And Lady Teldra, a very sympathetic character, thinks of Morrolan's massacre of an entire village as being the actions of merely a somewhat immature and hot-headed Dragon (granted, she has loyalty to him as an employee and is unfailingly polite).
    • Vlad encounters some in-Verse when coping with cultural differences between Dragaerans and Easterners, such as their differing views on prostitution as displayed in Teckla and Jhegaala.