Funny / Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

  • Sully and Matthew trying to teach Dr. Mike how to walk and act like a man so she can participate in a horse race.
    Sully: Stop swinging your hips.
    Michaela: I never swing my hips!
    Sully: Well, whatever you're doing, don't!
  • The women sitting around and chatting about how "agreeable" they find marriage. A bit of Getting Crap Past the Radar, as what they're really admitting to is that they enjoy sex, a shocking attitude for women in that era. Myra tells Mike, "Just enjoy it as long as you can, because after a while, it just gets to be part of the daily routine. Like brushing your teeth." At this, the women all burst out laughing.
  • During Mike and Sully's wedding, Custer invites himself as he's currently hunting Cloud Dancing, and expects him to turn up there as he's due to be Sully's best man. Jake and Robert E. decide that one of the benches needs to be moved...and bash Custer over the head in the process to get him out of the way.
  • Sully beginning to undress Mike the second they're alone in their honeymoon suite and her squealing, "It isn't even dark yet!". He teases her by closing all the blinds and declaring, "It is now".