Heartwarming / Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

  • Myra admitting to Horace that she's as nervous as he is about consummating their marriage, as "I've never done it with someone I love". Later, when it seems that Horace might never get over his anxiety, she gently tells him, "It's okay. Lots of marriages are just. . .friendship marriages."
  • Fred Rogers' special guest appearance in "Deal With The Devil".
  • Jake is bandaging Teresa's injured arm. The sexual tension that's been smoldering all season heats to the boiling point. He gently leans in to kiss her, but she gently rebuffs him, telling him, "I'm still in mourning" (her husband was killed less than a year earlier). He nods, understanding, then carefully kisses her hand.
  • Mike gives Jake a blistering "The Reason You Suck" Speech for showing up at her house drunk, nearly injuring baby Katie. At the end of the episode, he comes to her office, saying, "About what you said the other day. . .thank you", thus revealing that she forced him to have a Heel Realization and get his life together.